Ah, the exquisite (and oh-so-daring) palates of toddlers. They’re simultaneously creative and disgusting, which leads us to believe: There’s gotta be a method to their madness, right? So you don’t feel alone, we checked in with real moms—and a couple of dads—to scope out the range of bizarro food combos they’ve had to serve up.

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weird toddler eating 1

“My daughter would only eat hot dogs, bagels and veggies if she could slather them in sour cream. She’d also eat baby spinach dipped in milk.” — Katie D.

“My son will only eat dinner if he’s allowed to clutch a paper towel in his left hand. He also wants everything salted: cereal, peanut butter, sandwiches, grapes.” — Jillian Q.

“My son eats butter. Literally, he will eat the butter put out with bread…but without the bread.” — Mirissa K.

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weird toddler eating 2

“In our house, we have to call everything steak…whether it’s steak or not.” — Keith W.

“Pasta and ketchup is the #1 dinner choice in our home.” — Deborah K.

“My daughter wouldn’t eat any meat at all, but now she is way into burgers and refuses every form of bun. She literally picks the burger patty up with her hands and eats it like a damn cookie.” — Laura W.

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weird toddler eating 3

“The only way my daughter would eat anything brown—for example, pumpernickel bagels—was if we called it chocolate. So, she loved chocolate bagels until we went to a friend’s house and asked for her favorite bagel and they told her it wasn’t.” — Gabrielle H.

“My son wouldn’t eat meat loaf and mashed potatoes until we renamed them cut-up meatballs and French fry middles.” — Kate D.

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weird toddler eating 4

“My daughter takes the cheese off her pizza—and scrapes the sauce off, too! I also have to peel the crust off of her chicken fingers for her.” — Tonya M.

“My son puts freeze-dried peas in his peach yogurt. And he prefers his waffles with peanut butter and cream cheese.” — Kim D.

“My two-year-old eats all vegetables, but only chews them up and then spits them out.” — Regan W.

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weird kid eating 5

“My son and daughter like their turkey bacon ‘floppy,’ as in just warmed up but not at all crispy, because they like to sometimes roll it up. Still, there are some days that my daughter wants it crispy, so I have to always ask: ‘Do you want floppy or crispy bacon today?’ My kids also don’t like egg yolk, so every time they eat hard-boiled eggs, which is often, I have to remove the yolk and wash off the white because God forbid a bit of yellow would still be on it.” — Susan W.

“Spaghetti mixed with chocolate pudding. Yep!” — Carin K.

“My son loved salmon, black beans and avocados. He also put his sliced turkey breast in his strawberry soy yogurt every day for lunch.” — Marnie K.

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