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Gone are the days of fondant-covered sheet cakes, overly formal senior portraits and “You Did It!” plastic banners. The class of 2017 deserves nothing but the best. (They made it through four years of 7 a.m. band practice, for God’s sake.) Here, 12 ways to jazz up your kid's graduation party.

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1. Creative Invites. Save the portrait sesh for Gran’s fridge and mail out punny cards instead.

2. Jenga Memories. Have guests write their favorite moment from the past four years on a wooden Jenga block, then give the “guest book” game to your grad for when she needs a bit of fun nostalgia.

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3. Balloon Letters. Create the perfect Instagram backdrop…ya know, for all your kid’s friends’ selfies.

4. Envelope Station. A lot of addresses are about to change really quick. Lay out blank envelopes and pens for attendees to write their new PO Box for easy pen pal correspondence. (Or for all the thank-you cards.)

5. Advice Jar. Or leave index cards for guests to write their most sage advice (like don’t spend those student loans at the mall, please and thanks).

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6. Tasseled Garlands. Bonus points if they’re school-color coordinated.

7. School Dress Code. Ask high school grads to wear their new school’s T-shirt to celebrate their acceptance.

8. Straw Caps. Black cardboard and gold string are all you need for this easy DIY.

9. Sparkler Art. Who says those little glowing sticks are just for weddings? Capture amazing Instas as kids write their future school letters in the air with sparklers as the sun starts to set.

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10. Festive Doughnuts. Who needs an elaborate cake when you can spell your farewell with glazed pastries?

11. Diploma Cookies. Or create mini “diplomas” using chocolate pirouettes tied with a ribbon.

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12. School Signs. More for your peace of mind than anything else. (“See? They really won’t be that far.”)

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