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First you had a kid. Then, unless you are some infuriatingly perfect superhuman, you learned you knew nothing about parenting. You probably lost your mind, your pants and all your old non-mom friends. But then something magical happened: You learned all the things. And you became the kind of mother who gives other mothers advice. Here’s how to know if you should double (or triple or quadruple) down on this whole baby thing.

have another baby
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You Are Obsessed With Other People's Babies

If you find yourself angling for a peek inside every Uppa Baby at Starbucks and shamelessly flirting with any Bjorn in sight, you may need to acknowledge your need to breed. Just be sure the desire is still there when that little bundle starts screaming…because as you well know at this point, it’s not all cute drooly smiles and contagious giggles.

support system

You Have a Kickass Support System

It takes a village. And yours is populated with some pretty amazing inhabitants. Now that you’re a parenting pro, you likely have a pretty solid Rolodex of people you depend on to survive (and thrive! Don’t forget the thriving!). Nanny: Check. Date night sitter: Check. Mother-in-law who doesn’t drive you absolutely balls-out bananas (at least 65 percent of the time): Check. Having supporting players in place is key to giving your family expansion plans the green light.   

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You Can Afford it

Sure, you may have to reallocate some of your Disney savings to number three’s college fund, but family life is about sacrifices, right? Take a look at your monthly budget and price out what it would cost to add more child care, more room (if you need a housing upgrade) and more diapers. (So. Many. Diapers.)

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You're Cool With the Physical Changes

So what if it took you two and a half years to get your butt—and your brain—back into working order. Now that you know that stuff bounces back (eventually), you’re ready to buckle up for another ride on that hormonal roller coaster.

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Your Husband Wants One Too

Ohhh right, him. He should probably be on board with this decision. After all, sleep deprivation, communal bathroom time and unfathomably limitless fountains of mucus are a bicycle built for two.

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Your Older Kid is Begging for a Sibling

Having a little brother or sister will do wonders for your first (or second, or third) child’s mind, body and spirit. Just give it, oh, about 27 years.

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