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It’s not that you need to keep up with the Joneses, but it never hurts to keep tabs on the latest (and potentially greatest) parenting trends. Here, five that will be making waves in 2017, according to the “Pinterest 100.” Do with them what you will!

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parenting trends woodland nursery
Wit & Delight

Woodland-Inspired Nurseries

Meet the new gender-neutral. This year, nurseries are steering away from jungle animals and chevron (so much chevron) and going straight into the woods. The trick is to stick with a natural color scheme, plus a few accent pieces—for example, a forest of furry stuffed critters or peel-and-stick birch tree wallpaper.

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parenting trends child ipad

Teaching Your Kid a Second Language

All hail the bilingual baby. Age two and a half is the prime time to start exposing your kids to a new set of a vocab like Spanish (the top Pinterest search) or French. It’s easiest for your child to learn if he practices with a native speaker, but downloadable audio books—like this Spanish collection from Epic—also work.

parenting trends baby crib

Old-Lady (and Old-Man) Baby Names

Think Evelyn. Or Gene. Classic baby names are having a major comeback in 2017 so break out the family tree and start digging for your gem.

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parenting trends creative storytellin

Creative Play Through Storytelling

Think of it as next-level reading. The 2017 mom or dad is all about giving their kids a story prompt and letting their imagination run wild. Here’s a sample one you might give your kindergartner: “Tell us a story about a purple flower who rides elephants.” (Pssst…you’ll probably wanna video your kid’s response.)

parenting trends essential oils

Calming Kids Down With Essential Oils

Frankincense and lavender is the new time-out. If your six-year-old is having a meltdown, rub a couple of dabs of this essential oil on your palms and encourage her to inhale/exhale the aromatic scent until she can self-soothe and chill out.

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