The Best Parenting Advice from Our Own Moms

Parenting advice: We love it; we hate it; we dispense it to random strangers in line at Whole Foods. But sometimes there’s nothing like going straight to the source. Here, the best lessons we learned from our own mothers.

“When you have more than one child, remember that being fair does not always mean being the same. Each child needs to be treated as an individual.” - Joyce, California

"Find a babysitter you love and commit to going out every Saturday night. It'll save your sanity (and marriage)."- Marjie, Pennsylvania

"Don't feel pressure to plan nonstop activities. Lazy days are great. Some of my favorite times with my girls were when we had nothing to do but hang out at the house all day." - Ellen, New York 

“Always vacation together as a family. It’s so easy to be pulled apart by external forces (friends, activities, school). Make quality time a priority.” - Susan, Florida

"Never go out in public without a bag of tricks. My purse always had a freezer bag full of Matchbox cars or Disney figurines. They can't have a meltdown if they're occupied and happy." - Shirley, Arkansas

"Eat dinner with your children every night. Ask questions and listen. Fight the impulse to always respond and offer advice." - Karen, New York

“When curious children want you to observe a creepy crawler, remember the science teacher motto: Take a close look and don't say ‘yuck,’ say ‘wow!’” - Marcia, New York

"Tell your kids goodnight and you love them. Every single night. No matter what." - Susan, South Carolina

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