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Maybe you’re on your babymoon. Maybe you just want to look human (and not like a swollen peeing machine) in your upcoming holiday photos. Either way, posing with your protruding belly is easier said than done. That’s why we love these tricks designed to achieve a gorgeous pregnancy shot.

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photogenic pregnancy 1

Try Placing One Hand Below Your Belly

Whether you’re 13 weeks or 30, cupping your hands beneath your stomach helps frame your shape and also makes it crystal clear that you’re expecting. Even better, this trick gives you something to do with your hands (a common issue when it comes to looking photogenic, pregnant or not).

photogenic pregnancy 2
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Sometimes when you face the camera straight on, it can simply look like you ate a lot for lunch. (Not the best.) Instead, find a more photogenic angle by looking straight at the lens, then pivoting your body to the left or right approximately 45 degrees. Of course, it never hurts to combine this with a hand above or below your burgeoning belly. The more waist definition you can give yourself, the better.

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Have Someone Else Stand Ever-So-Slightly in Front

It doesn’t have to look obvious or overly staggered, but asking your hubs to stand just a hair in front of you can give the photo more dimension and ensure your belly isn’t the focal point—and the only thing sticking out.

photogenic pregnancy 4

Practice Good Posture No Matter What

Sitting or standing, good posture makes you look better, especially when you’re pregnant. (Bonus points if you tilt your head to your good side.)

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Grab the Nearest Kid to Use as a Belly-Blocking Prop

Bottom line: Every pregnant person has days when she’s feeling bloated and gross and the opposite of photo-friendly. For these moments, enlist your favorite toddler (or family pet) as a stand-in to conceal your belly. It’s all about the attention shift.

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