Being super-pregnant or newly postpartum in the blazing heat means three things: stickiness, swelling and boob sweat. But, thanks to stretchy tank dresses and never needing to learn how to button the crotch of a onesie, it’s also a glorious time to be both. Here, we’ve boiled it all down to the basics.

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beach baby summer things to know

1. “Green” deodorants are lovely in theory…and that’s about it.

2. More sweat will collect in the crease of skin where your belly meets your underboob than anywhere else on your entire body.

3. Your swollen feet will spill over the sides of your Birkenstocks. Yes, the ones you deliberately purchased a size and a half up. 

4. You can’t liberally apply sunscreen to a baby until he’s six months old. Thus, “linen baby pants" will move to the top of your search history.

boho mom summer baby things to know

5. Maxi dresses will become your new uniform. (Also, your new nightgowns.)

6. You may cease to shave your legs and start owning your liberated crunchy goddess phase.

7. You will become obsessed with cutting off your hair. We can help.

8. If a restaurant does not have AC, you will not be going. Unless it is this place

wide brim hat summer baby things to know

9. Melanin (the skin pigment responsible for dark spots) gets amped up by hormonal changes. So get yourself a pregnancy-safe sunscreen stat. Related: J.Lo-style wide-brim hats may be worn with abandon.

10. Stretching skin + dry heat = unheard of itchiness. Moisturize liberally. 

11. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (dehydration can lead to premature contractions). You’re peeing every minute anyway.  

12. You will still be expected to attend summer weddings. (The. Nerve.) Thank you, fashion gods, for making fancy flats on-trend

carseat baby summer things to know
mikkelwilliam/getty images

13. Tiny babies in hot cars will freak you out. Cool everything down by using carseat covers, windshield shades, and these ingenious window “socks.”

14. Dress the baby as you would yourself. If your AC is cranked to 68, she probably shouldn't be naked. 

15. It’s never too early to start playing in the bathtub.

no beach baby summer things to know
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17. The beach will still be there next summer. Diaper cream versus sand is a  battle nobody wins.

18. Viva la stroller fan.

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