OMG, your best friend/sister/co-worker is having a baby! But then you get that sinking feeling: You’re going to have to host that baby shower. (Womp womp.) Here, seven inventive ideas that everyone will—truly—love.

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Make It An Open House

Think of how much less pressure everyone will feel if there isn’t a strict start and stop time for your baby-themed event. No one’s late! No one’s early! Plus, rolling guest arrivals and departures means there’s more time for one-on-one conversations—and less for gross all-eyes-on-her gift opening.


Or a Nighttime Affair

Not all baby showers have to include brunch. Instead, throw a super-swank or mega-chill dinner party. (BTW, it’s totally cool if you decide to make it coed.)


Swap Fancy Foods For Fast Food

We’re taking a page out of Chrissy Teigen’s baby shower book for this one, but think about it: Would a pregnant lady rather snack on petit fours or pommes frites? Survey says? French fries all the way. (We’re pretty sure her guests will be happy to oblige her cravings, too.)

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Turn BYO Kids' Books Into A Guest Book

Here’s how this works: The friends and family provide the classics (like Goodnight Moon). You provide the Sharpies. Then, during the party, ask everyone to pen a note to the baby-to-be on the inside cover for reading aloud before bed.


Offer Optional (And Non-Cutesy) Party Games

Hello, like this matching photo game from Cup of Jo. (Basically, you print grown-up and baby picture wall decals and invite guests to try to guess which ones match.) Another fun one: This adult coloring idea from Cuppa Cocoa—provide coloring book pages (like the letters of the alphabet) for guests to shade in and personalize with markers or crayons. When they’re done, you can turn their masterpiece into a book or nursery art.

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Or Plan An Activity Besides Food

Like yoga. Or karaoke. Guests will bow down to the mom who decides to switch up the traditional (and sorta boring) baby shower format. Promise.

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Cue Up Netflix In Addition to Your Décor

Nothing will get your guests in the spirit like a classic (and baby-themed) movie on loop in the background next to all those pink and blue balloons and streamers. (Baby Mama, anyone?) 

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