She sings. She jokes. She makes us feel all the feelings. In honor of Adele's emotionally instigating return, here are 49 times in life you just need to wail.


1. When you break up with your boyfriend.

2. When your boyfriend breaks up with you.

3. When your boyfriend breaks up with you, but you tell everyone that you broke up with him.

4. When you drink five glasses of Chardonnay and check his Facebook a week later. And accidentally “like” his latest post.

5. When you’re in bed and you drop your phone on your face.

6. When you wave back at someone who was definitely not waving at you.

7. When you make unmistakable eye contact with someone through the cracks of a bathroom stall.

8. When you realize your skirt is tucked into your tights--and then realize you haven’t peed in hours.

9. When you strut by a Chipotle window and check yourself out in the reflection...and ankle-roll off the curb.

10. When you’re chatting with a British person and somehow start talking in an accent.

11. When you burn your tongue on soup.

12. When you bite the inside of your lip.

13. When you’re opening a bottle of wine and the cork falls in.

14. When you step on a Lego.

15. When you get a manicure and chip your polish immediately after leaving the salon.

16. When you find out that Tom Hardy is married.

17. When guacamole turns brown.

18. When your “friend” tags the worst photo of you--but the best of her--on Facebook.

19. When your “friend” invites you to play Farmville--300 times a day--on Facebook.

20. When you think you’ve made a new "friend" and come to find she only posts “Live Laugh Love” inspirational quotes. 

21. When you take a screenshot of said new "friend’s" post, try to text it to someone else and then TEXT IT TO THAT GIRL.

22. When it’s torrentially raining and your umbrella flips inside out. 

23. When you miss a UPS delivery.

24. When you push a “pull” door.

25. When your hair tie is too small to go around your ponytail a fourth time, but three loops is too loose.

26. When PureWow tells you to wear footie socks with your ankle boots and they slide off your heel all day.

27. When the movie theater guy says, “Enjoy the show,” and you respond, “YOU TOO!”

28. When someone really tall sits in front of you at the movies.

29. When someone really tall is nowhere to be found when you can’t reach the crunchy unsalted almond butter on the top shelf at Trader Joe’s.

30. When there are no fewer than 77 people on line in front of you at Trader Joe’s.

31. When you take a bite out of an oatmeal-raisin cookie…but thought it was chocolate chip.

32. When you bite into a Russell Stover and it’s raspberry nougat.

33. When you’re eating a Reese’s (World’s Best Candy™) and the wrapper sticks to the bottom so you lose part of the chocolate. 

34. When you were saving that half piece of muffin and the nanny throws it out.

35. When someone in the office finishes the milk and doesn’t tell anyone and then your coffee is bitter and gross.

36. When someone in the office also eats your damn yogurt. 

37. When you start blasting Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” at work--only your earbuds aren’t plugged in.

38. When you trip up the stairs.

39. When someone says, “Hi!” and you say, “You’re welcome!”

40. When someone says, “Bye!” but you’re actually walking in the same direction.

41. When someone flushes the toilet--while you’re showering. 

42. When you hand-wash a spoon.

43. When you finish an episode of Empire on Hulu and realize there aren’t any more left to binge.

44. When you want to update your phone but don’t have enough storage.

45. When you read the comment section of any article ever written. 

46. When you’re sitting next to a crying baby on an international flight.

47. When the crying baby sitting next to you on an international flight is yours.

48. When you spot a total hottie who turns around and is 75 and has no teeth. 

49. When you remember Adele is only 25-ish.

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