Ahhh, 2015. A lot of awesome things happened this year, from the greatest llama chase of our time to literally everything Amy Schumer did. But there were also plenty of eye-roll-inducing moments as well. Here, 25 of the 2015 “things” we’d like never to hear about again. Cheers to a Rachel Dolezal-free 2016.

2015 things 647

The black-and-gold dress versus the blue-and-black dress.

The newest addition to Taylor Swift's "squad."

The newest word Taylor Swift is trying to trademark. (“1989,” really?)

Rachel Dolezal.

Tom Brady’s balls. 

Kanye West threatening declaring his intentions to run for president.


The 50 Shades of Grey movie.

“Netflix and chill.” (Google it.)

Pizza rat.

Pizza rat Halloween costumes.

Donald Trump Halloween costumes.

Unnecessary remakes. (Leave Full House alone!)

Ariana Grande’s doughnut-licking thing.

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

The music-streaming service Tidal.

The whip.

The nae nae.

The entire Duggar family.

Babies being named after Instagram filters

Babies being named after people deemed to have a likeness to God.

Hillary Clinton's emails.

Katy Perry’s left shark.

Ashley Madison.

Any type of #goals. (Just kidding, we can’t stop using it.)

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