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Wouldn’t it be nice to snap a selfie in front of a graffiti wall, post it to Instagram and make a living off of the likes? Well, hate to break it to you, but being a professional blogger requires a lot more hustle than one great shot. It’s a business. And since we were curious about what it costs to look as good as your last 'gram, we asked Love & Loathing LA’s founder, Caroline Juen, all the questions we’ve always wondered—like who’s buying her clothes?

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OK, so what’s the most basic way a blogger earns a living?
“Brands partner with influencers—because of their targeted niche or of their large following—to help market a product or a particular message. Boom.”

What are some behind-the-scenes operating costs?
“On top of paying my photographer and web designer every month, I also have to pay my management team, GoDaddy to keep my site up and any and all miscellaneous expenses (like hiring a lawyer to form an LLC). Who knew?”

Professional photographer always? Or do you ever take selfies?
“Professional always. I'm terrible at selfies. And I haven’t even tried a photo timer yet…but now I’m feeling tempted.” 

Do you buy or are you gifted most of your wardrobe?
“It’s about 40 percent gifted, 60 percent purchased by me.” 

So…how much are you spending on clothes?
“Monthly, it can be anywhere from $250 to $1,000. It depends on the month and what’s going on. For example, around Coachella time, when I wanted a lot of options, I easily spent upwards of $1,000, maybe even more. Regular months, though, it’s a Reformation dress here and there, some shoes, a Zara stop, etc.” 

And what about beauty treatments? (We know that can add up)
“I probably spend between $250 to $500 a month—I get my nails done every two to four weeks, color touched up every five to six weeks, and lash extensions every other week.”

And the food. Are you paying for all those amazing meals?
“I pay for a lot of them, yes, but some are comped. I try to go somewhere ‘new’ once or twice a week, and I’d say usually at least one to two meals per month are comped. I always pay my own tip though if the meal is comped.” 

And because we have to ask: your take on avo-toast?
“It’s Los Angeles in a meal. I love it. Live for it.”  

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