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Science Confirms: Men Who Eat Vegetables Are Sexier Than Those Who Don’t
YakobchukOlena/Getty Images

Scientists in Australia are cracking down on some of life’s greatest mysteries (like the best way to get ketchup out of a bottle, for example) and now they’ve confirmed what any woman who’s ever visited a farmers’ market already knows: Men who eat vegetables are sexier than those who don’t. Specifically, they smell better.

A recent study published by Evolution & Human Behavior found that men who had diets rich in vegetables produced better smelling sweat than those who ate mostly carbohydrates.

To obtain this very important piece of information, researchers gathered a group of healthy young men and asked them to fill out a survey about their normal eating habits. The men were then given a clean T-shirt to work out (aka sweat) in. At this point the lucky lady participants were asked to smell the sweaty shirts and describe and rate their odors.

As it turns out, the guys who ate more veggies produced better smelling sweat and were found to be more attractive to the women who smelled them. Thanks, science! Now test men who take out the trash and wash the dishes.

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