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When you think engagement rings you usually think diamonds. But why limit yourself to a single gemstone when there are so many other swoon-worthy alternatives? Here, ten non-diamond rings we’re currently drooling over.

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rings morganite
Anna Sheffield


The pink to orange-pink variety of the mineral beryl, morganite was named for J.P. Morgan, who collected gems in his spare time. 

Anna Sheffield ($4,200)

rings moissanite
Charles & Colvard


Moissanite, which looks virtually indistinguishable from a diamond, is eco-friendly (it’s created in a lab with minimal environmental impact) and super durable. 

Charles & Colvard ($1,179)

rings topaz
Melissa Joy Manning

White Topaz

Honestly, this ring?s double band is what won us over. 

Melissa Joy Manning ($750)

rings moonstone
Satomi Kawakita

Rainbow Moonstone

Ethereal and whimsical, this stone is perfect for the bride wearing a flower crown on her wedding day.

Satomi Kawakita ($1,080)

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ring emerald
Judy Geib


Emeralds have been having a moment for about a year now, and we’re not upset about it.

Judy Geib ($16,180)

rings amethyst
Irene Neuwirth


Simple and feminine and lovely.

Irene Neuwirth ($1,170)

rings tanzanite1


Fun fact: Despite being less expensive than diamonds, tanzanite is a thousand times more rare.

Angara ($3,469)

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rings garnet
Dezso by Sara Beltran


Pretty mesmerizing, no?

Dezso by Sara Beltran ($6,000)

ring ruby
Malcolm Betts


Though on the smaller side, the bold combination of red and gold (and a hammered band) makes a major statement.

Malcolm Betts ($7,320)

rings sapphire
Ruth Tomlinson


Who knew sapphires came in so many shades?

Ruth Tomlinson ($2,550)

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