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Ulysses is one of your favorite books and you casually quote Finnegans Wake for fun. You, our smarty-pants friend, should consider one of the following Irish baby names, all of which are inspired by the country’s great literary tradition.

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irish baby leo
1BrightStar/Getty Images


For a boy

Leo, for short.

irish baby maeve
FamVeld/Getty Images


For a girl

Rhymes with wave.

irish baby colum
excentric_01/Getty Images


For a boy

We bet he’ll be the only one in his class. 

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irish baby joyce
FamVeld/Getty Images


For a girl

Sure, James was a dude, but we like his last name for a little lady.

irish baby finn
danchooalex/Getty Images


For a boy

Hi, Finn!

irish baby tana
zeremski/Getty Images
irish baby bram
sdgamez/Getty Images


For a boy

Will love scary stories.

irish baby ang
Yagi-Studio/Getty Images


For a girl

Call her Ang.

irish baby beckett
PeopleImages/Getty Images


For a boy

No one has to know it isn’t a family name.

irish baby nora
gradyreese/Getty Images


For a girl

Way cooler with an "h" on the end.

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