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Kids say the darndest things. Case in point: these hilarious test answers. While these students may have scored an F for accuracy, they get an A+ in our book for sense of humor and creativity. Here, 15 laugh-out-loud quiz responses from kids that, although not correct, are still very clever.  

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Just look at how sad that poor flower is in its cell.  

Maybe if the student had expanded the equation just a little further?

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The kid just followed instructions.

“Saturn was NOT a single lady.”

Hey, that answer isn’t wrong.

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What a sensitive soul.

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This answer may actually be right.

The kid makes a good point.  

Probably not the response that the teacher was looking for.

That is indeed correct.

Ah yes, the famous “don’t count your chickens because they need privacy” proverb.

Brian, what a hero.  

Too cute.

Actually, yeah.

This kid could have just written “six polar bears” but really put in the extra effort.

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