If you’re anything like us, February is being spent in a mad dash to watch all the films nominated for the 89th Academy Awards. But now that you’re halfway through the list (OK, a third of the way through), it’s time to start planning how you’ll put your knowledge to good use. Enter our four-step guide to hosting an Oscars shindig that won’t have your guests snoozing after hour one.

Start With Your Predictions

Before the lights dim in the Dolby Theatre on Oscar night, give each of your guests an official PureWow ballot card so they can ruminate over who will win each category (our bets are on Ryan Gosling for Best Actor). Then have everyone swap ballots with other guests—no cheating—to keep score as the show progresses.

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Set the Scene (of Sorts)

Every detail counts when a celebrity makes their grand entrance on the red carpet, right? Well, the same goes for your home. For heavily trafficked areas like your living room, display Enviroscent Bursts for a memorable welcoming scent that contains no harmful chemicals. Then make sure to have plenty of pillows and throw blankets available, hand towels and extra toilet paper at the ready, and enough wine glasses to go around.

Break Out the Bingo Chips

Just in case your ballot predictions come up short, we’ve created an official PureWow Oscars Bingo printable that doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the movies or the actors nominated (more about plunging necklines and long-winded speeches). Simply mark each box on your card as the night unfolds. Bonus: It’s a good way to keep guests off their phones, since everything happens live.

spaghetti squash fritters

Make Your Apps the Star

Since we’re not the ones being held in by two pairs of Spanx, we grant ourselves permission to indulge. To keep with the evening’s theme, insist that everyone who brings a dish creates a punny name for their recipe, inspired by this year’s nominees. We’re partial to Hidden Fritters (Hidden Figures), La La Lasagna (La La Land) or Manchester by the Caesar Salad (Manchester by the Sea). If all else fails, whip up some Jimmy Kettle Corn (a nod to host Jimmy Kimmel).