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Brought to You By Better Things on FX 

Saying “sorry” has become the knee-jerk reaction for almost everything mom-oriented these days: not mashing your own baby food, dyeing your hair, forgetting to wash your’s exhausting. So we’re here to say that enough is enough. Here are seven things you should stop feeling bad about—right this instant.

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Not Remembering All the Words to “Hush Little Baby”

Guess what? Your kid thinks you are the friggin’ Beyoncé of bedtime singing. And as for your mother-in-law who keeps correcting your lyrics? Just tell her that switching up the words actually boosts creativity in newborns.

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Not Missing Your Kids When You're at Work

Or on vacation. Or out to dinner. It’s totally normal if eating lunch at your desk (without someone screaming over your shoulder) is basically your idea of bliss these days.

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Having Toys “Everywhere”

Keeping your toddler entertained > being able to see your vintage kilim rug.

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Hiding From Your Kids

Probably best reserved for the parents of teenagers, but sometimes you just need a ten-minute break to scream into a pillow alone. Want some reassurance? Tune in to Better Things on FX, co-created by Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon. The show premieres Thursday, September 8, and it’ll make you feel better about your own life—promise.

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Allowing Screen Time

We repeat, keeping a toddler entertained is all that matters. Sometimes that involves Elmo. (This goes double when you’re on an airplane.)

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Not Losing the “Last Five Pounds” of Baby Weight

By which we mean 12 pounds.

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Posting Too Many Adorable Pics of Your Kids on Social Media

If you don’t like it, stop following us!

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