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Actresses Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner began their relationship playing sisters Arya and Sansa Stark on HBO’s hit drama Game of Thrones, but their bond quickly transformed from work wives to ride-or-die best friends. The warring families of Westeros may have torn the sisters apart on the show, but since Williams and Turner landed their roles on the wildly popular show in 2009 (two years before its debut on HBO in 2011), they’ve honored their friendship with matching tattoos, a BFF moniker (“Mophie”) and loads of inside jokes. Bend the knee to house Stark and witness the cuteness that is Williams and Turner’s IRL womance.

Maisie Williams Sophie Turner IRL besties 4
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They Have Eerily Similar Autographs

Earlier this year, a fan tweeted a side-by-side photo of the Stark sisters’ autographs from a 2009 Game of Thrones book signing and commented on their uncanny resemblance. Both stars responded with a surprising confession: “We practiced these for days,” Williams wrote. Turner added, “Oh my god. For so long. We practiced in a pub for hours before a book signing.” Practice makes perfect, right?

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And Often Act Like Newlyweds

When one fan speculated on Twitter that photos of the pair at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards made them look married, Turner joked that she and her on-screen sis had wed in an “intimate ceremony,” to which Williams bantered back, “Got dinner in the oven, see you soon, petal x.”

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They’re Not Shy With Each Other

At the Game of Thrones season six premiere in 2016, Turner initially went in for a bestie hug but pulled a bait and switch and gave a two-handed hello to Williams’s itty bitty titty committee.

Maisie Williams Sophie Turner

And Coined Their Supercouple Moniker: ‘Mophie’

Even Emilia Clarke thinks her GoT costars are “Sisters from other misters.” We’ll always have a soft spot for Brangelina and TomKat, but Williams and Turner’s super-special friendship is the definition of “couple goals.”


Maisie Williams Sophie Turner IRL besties 5
Helen Sloan/HBO

They Struggle to Get Through Stark Sister Scenes

Episode four of GoT’s seventh season was a monumental moment for many Thronies because it was the first time Arya and Sansa reunited on-screen since the show’s first season six years ago (mind blown). Surprisingly, the pair’s IRL friendship made the iconic scene more difficult to film. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Turner admitted, “It just terrified me. It’s like performing for your mom. When somebody is watching, you don’t do it quite as well.” Williams agreed, saying, “It took a few hours for us to get serious and actually do it.” Welp, totally had us fooled.

Maisie Williams Sophie Turner IRL besties 6

And Finally, They Have Matching Tattoos

In 2016, Mophie walked into a tattoo parlor and emerged with matching tattoos—like, real ones. Though Williams boldly stuck with classic black ink while Turner opted for peach (by way of her mother’s insistence suggestion), both actresses permanently etched the date “07.08.09” (August 7, 2009) on their forearms to mark the fateful day they landed their roles on Game of Thrones and became the Stark sisters, aka besties for life.

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