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Want to feel old? Harry Potter, the young-adult book series that kept us checking the mail for our Hogwarts acceptance letter (we’re still waiting) turns 20 today. It seems like just yesterday Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting under the sorting hat and slinking around in the Invisibility Cloak. Reminisce about the boy who lived with these ten spectacular moments that made us wish we weren’t Muggles.

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hagrid bursting door1

When Hagrid Bursts Through the Door

The little pigtail he gives Dudley is pretty boss, too. 

Hogwarts Harry Potter

And The First Time Harry Sees Hogwarts

No more cupboard under the stairs for you. 

harry potter the sorting hat1

When the Sorting Hat Puts Harry and His Pals in Gryffindor

Slytherin who? 

Dobby Harry Potter2

And When Dobby Is Freed

Suck on that, Lucius Malfoy. 


When Harry Finds The Mirror of Erised

The poor little guy just wants parents. 

harry potter and the goblet of fire

And When His Name Is Pulled Out of the Goblet of Fire

Things get a little twisted at the Triwizard Tournament. 

Sirius Black Harry Potter

When We Realize Sirius Black Is Actually Good

Turns out the Prisoner of Azkaban is a stand-up man. 

Professor Snape Harry Potter1

And When Snape Reveals Himself as the Half-Blood Prince

So, he's not completely evil? What is happening?

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Voldemort Harry Potter1

When We Learn Tom Riddle Is Voldemort

He who shall not be named. 

Harry Potter Voldemort face off1

And Finally, When Harry Battles Voldemort for the Last Time

Cried on our book. Cried at the theater. Cry every time ABC Freeform has a Saturday marathon.

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