After a long day of work, all you want to do is—first and foremost, remove your bra—plop down on the couch and watch your favorite TV show. Except there’s one minor issue: Your partner beat you to the loveseat and possesses the proverbial battery-operated key to the kingdom, the almighty remote. Collective tired sigh. Can’t we all just get along? Here, 11 shows for which you and your significant other can forge an alliance, err, snuggle up and watch together in harmony.

couples tv shows the office

‘The Office’ (NBC, Streaming on Netflix)

Office romances, silly (and sometimes dangerous) pranks between co-workers and life lessons from a quirky boss. What’s not to love about The Office? We can all agree that Jim and Pam’s relationship is one of the greatest love stories in television history. Nothing balances out a mushy love story like Michael Scott’s words of wisdom and superb one-liners.

couples tv shows catastrophe

‘Catastrophe' (Amazon)

Imagine a one-night stand that’s extended by a week and then, whoopsie, leads to an accidental pregnancy. That’s the crux of the hilarious plot of the comedy Catastrophe. The show’s overarching theme focuses on a relationship between two people from completely different backgrounds and cultures and could have taken a turn to cheese town, but Sharon Horgan's (Sharon Morris) dry British wit and Rob Delaney's (Rob Norris) sarcasm keep things relatable and (brutally) honest. Cackle along as the pair valiantly attempts to uphold their commitment to each other, all in the name of an unborn baby.

couples tv shows shameless
Courtesy of Showtime

‘Shameless’ (Showtime)

If you find yourself having a meltdown that your S.O. let the dishes pile up again or forgot to clean his beard trimmings out of the shower drain, Shameless is just the remedy you need. This hilarious yet twisted show will make you greatly appreciate your somewhat “dysfunctional” relationship. After watching a few episodes of the Gallaghers' everyday life, you’ll quickly remember to love and cherish your partner-in-crime’s annoying quirks.

couples tv shows house of cards
David Giesbrecht/Netflix

‘House of Cards’ (Netflix)

Talk about a major power couple. Francis and Claire Underwood claw their way up the political ladder in a series about manipulation, greed and deception. Watching these two—and shamelessly hoping they succeed in their evil plans—will make you feel like an exemplary couple by comparison. Claire’s on point wardrobe and perfect posture, though.

couples tv shows the affair
Craig Blankenhorn/Showtime

‘The Affair' (Showtime)

In a not-so-basic relationship of lies, deceit and infidelity, The Affair captures the raw emotion—and differing perspectives—of its main characters, Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) and Noah Solloway (Dominic West), which is why we love this show so much. Each episode provides us with a first-person point of view of these respective characters and how they remember the details of their life-changing summer affair. It’s the ultimate story of “he said, she said.” Warning: strong opinions ahead.

couples tv shows friday night lights

‘Friday Night Lights’ (NBC, Streaming on Netflix)

If you haven’t watched this award-winning series, grab your partner and get ready for an irresistible emotional commitment to the Dillon, Texas, life, where high-school football reigns supreme. Between family values, brotherhood and tumultuous relationships, Friday Night Lights is jam-packed with something for everyone. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t…stop watching.

couples tv shows 60 minutes
Chris Albert for CBSNews/60MINUTES

‘60 Minutes' (CBS)

OK, hear us out: 60 Minutes is one of those shows we’ll admit we have a low-key obsession with. It’s the best way to wind down on Sunday night with your partner. Order some Spicy Tuna and California rolls and get wrapped up in an hour of informative news and captivating storytelling by some of the finest journalists in the biz.

couples tv shows breaking bad

‘Breaking Bad’ (AMC, Streaming on Netflix)

So, your beloved has a deep, dark secret you recently discovered... How far would you go to protect him? Cut to Skyler White (Anna Gunn), the wife of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who turns to manufacturing and selling crystal meth to ensure his family’s future security. The series dives headfirst into deception, greed, love and everything from the kitchen sink we typically endure at one point or another in a relationship.

couples tv shows black mirror
David Dettmann/Netflix

‘Black Mirror’ (Netflix)

Two words: "San Junipero." It’s one of the most beloved episodes in this twisted, modern day Twilight Zone series, in which you’ll never find the same character, actor or chronology to the episodes. You could easily start with season three, episode four and jump to season one, episode two. It doesn’t really matter since each individual episode starts and ends with its own storyline. So, put down your phones (seriously) because you won’t want to miss a single detail (or a Jon Hamm cameo!). Fair warning: Technology nightmares may ensue.

couples tv shows himym

‘How I Met Your Mother’ (CBS, Streaming on Netflix)

Largely told through flashbacks, protagonist Ted (Josh Radnor) tells his children the story of how he met their mother and his epic search for true love. In these modern days of Tinder and endless forms of digital communication, Ted (often humorously) reminds us one can find a soul mate at any point in life and, in the end, love conquers all.

couples tv shows game of thrones

‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO)

Come on, did you really think you’d make it through this list without a single mention of GoT? Whether you’re both watching for the first time or you’re obsessively re-watching (zero judgment here), you’re in for quite the ride. Enter the world of Westeros and prepare for in-depth conversations and spiraling Reddit fan theory holes following each episode. Go ahead, we’ll let you discuss among yourselves all of the complexity and detail this masterpiece offers.

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