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Jane from down the street just posted her 84th Instagram of her vacation in Naples. One more and your envy level just might fly off the charts.

But before you lose your cool, take a deep breath, step away from your computer and go find your own little slice of paradise.

We promise: It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to book an expensive trip in order to find your bliss. Ahead, we show you 9 little ways to bring paradise (whatever that means to you) into your everyday life. (Number 10 is to just go to Naples too.)

John Robshaw

Sleep On It

Our favorite part of vacation? Crawling into the hotel bed, naturally. That’s why we’re big proponents of making your bed at home equally transporting. Invest in luxe sheets and pillows, bursting with prints, patterns and colors that soothe and inspire. So when you’re not able to swing that dreamy holiday in India, you can, well, dream of India.

Sabah Dealer

Treat Your Feet

Even if you’re not jetting off to paradise anytime soon (neither are we), you can still inject that wanderlust style into your wardrobe. Sabah makes pretty pairs of leather shoes, hand-stitched in Turkey, in rich and vibrant colors. These unique slippers feel just as perfect in Bali as they do in Baltimore.


Get Your Sparkle Back

Take it from the Italians: The art of living well starts with the simple things. So the next time you and your sister finally get to that long-overdue lunch date, clear your calendar for the entire afternoon and let the day melt away. Even better if you share something bubbly. A sparkling fruit drink--like Limonata from Sanpellegrino--is lightly fizzy and fragrant, and flaunts that Sicilian citrus flavor without being too sweet. Just the right complement to your gossip marathon.


Travel Top Down

Because being impulsive is fun. To make like a glamorous bandit, ditch the SUV for the weekend and rent a cute convertible. Even if you’re just running errands (or lack a stretch of California coastline to cruise along), you can still channel those Malibu vibes.


Get lost (literally)

Go where no Google map has gone before: In Japan, the trendy art of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) is essentially a fancy name for a mindful nature hike. This solitary activity is shown to lower stress and improve overall health. Hit a local national park and bathe in the glory around you. Nature works.


Spice Things Up

We’re growing a little tired of the same old, same old when it comes to satiating our 3 p.m. hunger pangs (we are drowning in Greek yogurt). Bring exotic new flavors into your life without the hassle of hunting down elusive ingredients (why is galangal root so hard to find?). Premade spice blends can be added to spreads and marinades or sprinkled on top of salads for a tasty kick. We love this aromatic za’atar blend stirred into hummus. Hello, Marrakesh Mondays.


Discover the Wild Life

Fact: Plants just make people happy. A new crop of online retailers like The Sill deliver petite cacti and succulents (that are nearly impossible to kill) straight to your abode. Perfect for when you want to remember last summer’s life-changing road trip through the Southwest.


Embrace Aromatherapy

We’re hardwired to experience memories through our sense of smell, so one of the best ways to recall your favorite place is with essential oils. Sweet memories of Provence? Use lavender. How about surfing in Waikiki? Reach for plumeria. Here’s how to turn an essential oil into a fragrance: Start with a neutral carrier oil (like almond or jojoba) and add a few drops of an essential oil you love. Apply liberally from head to toe, then kick back and soak it in.


Siesta Like It's Your Job

Our favorite thing about last year’s holiday in Pamplona? That sweet three-hour stretch of afternoon where everything (and everyone) shuts down. We’re talking about siesta. And if you think it’s decadent to snooze during midday hours, rest easy knowing that power naps are proven to help you stay smarter, sharper and saner.