Four Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely to Cause Holiday Party Drama (& 2 Who Calm Everyone Down)

Let’s face it: The holidays aren't the holidays without a little drama, be it a burnt pecan pie or an hour-long interrogation on your dating life. So, who’s creating all the problems? There are a few zodiac signs who are stirring up more than just hot chocolate. Here, the four constellations who are probably starting drama at holiday parties, and two who are bringing us all together.

The Culprits

1. Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Most Likely To: Deliver a brash, but hilarious joke at your expense.

Aries is a slot machine of original ideas. Once the winning combination appears across their brain screen (often in joke-form) they cleverly blurt it out in celebration. These fire signs are action-oriented, not consequence-oriented. So as you’re going in for your third glass of spiked eggnog, Aries advises you against drinking too much, like the time you gracefully threw up on stage at your college graduation. Sure, Aries’s humor might insult, humiliate or infuriate. But our favorite firecrackers embody the phrase, “If you don’t like it, you can leave.” And trust us, you won’t want to. Grandma’s horrified expression was totally priceless.

2. Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Most Likely To: Launch into an impassioned political diatribe.

The existential thinkers of the zodiac tend to transcend the small, insignificant dramas around the party table. Instead, Aquarius watches them play out like a detached observer. Their usual holiday M.O. is engineering an intricate string light display or playing their newly-gifted Nintendo game. But everything changes when Aquarius’s strongly-held beliefs are challenged. When Uncle Bigot yells out an uninformed political statement while passing the green beans, Aquarians can’t help but retaliate. These brainy air signs will pull out all of the facts and figures in their long-winded, progressive monologue. (We say monologue since no one else would dare counter them after listening to their masterclass in socioeconomics.) Vegan gingerbread cookies, anyone?

3. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Most Likely To: Subtly critique your wrapping paper.

Let’s be clear: Virgos have the purest of intentions. The earth signs will arrive early at your front door with a bouquet of poinsettias and homemade (healthy) cookies in hand. But they can sometimes go too far in their pursuit of perfection. We all know Virgos are planners. They have a clear picture of how they imagine events will play out, with little room for deviation. For the big holiday feast, they’re envisioning warm, inviting table decor, bold flavors and intriguing conversation. So when things go even slightly awry, Virgo might just have to point it out: “You chose store-bought challah? That’s cool, but if you’d have told me, I would’ve happily brought my homemade recipe.” Virgos just want things to run smoothly, but they might create too much friction in doing so.

4. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Most Likely To: Take offense that no one has complimented her fancy side dish.

Listen, we love Leos. They’re generous, entertaining and protective—traits that are highly welcome at any family gathering. But these fire signs are renowned drama queens so don’t be surprised if they throw a fit because they feel like their fancy side dish didn’t get enough praise (or even worse—because aunt Cheryl dared to bring the same one). Sure, there are other delicious spreads on the table, but these fiery signs are ruled by the sun and are naturally inclined to feel as though the world revolves around them. So, do everyone a favor and make a point to declare how yummy their buffalo mac and cheese was (because, of course, the regular version is just too basic for this lover of fine things). She may spend the rest of the evening pinning about being underappreciated otherwise.

The Mediators

1. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

Most Likely To: Carve the tension like an electric turkey knife.

Geminis are mutable air signs—and all that air makes them positively buoyant. These playful signs bring a lightness to strained encounters or heated squabbles during the holiday festivities. Gemini can find common ground with just about anyone. And with quick, communication planet Mercury as their ruler, Gem can put their sharp wit and racing mind to good use here. Is your cousin locked in a prison of questions surrounding when she’s going to have children? Gemini can set her free by directing everyone’s attention to the hand-painted ornament across the room (and a funny story about its origins...even if it’s made up). These creatives love bringing concepts, ideas, and people together. And this holiday season, we’re thankful for their uncanny ability to distract us. 

2. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Most Likely To: Get everyone on the dance floor.

Maybe everyone is still quietly simmering from a heated debate about climate change or they’re all about to pass out after devouring that delicious Thanksgiving Day turkey. This doesn’t mean your carefully coordinated get-together is a bust—so long as you have a Pisces in the room. These intuitive and creative beings are all about breaking down barriers between people and will happily interject with a fun party activity or made-up game before tempers flare up again or everyone conks out before dessert is served (a good old fashion round of Charades or a silly series of “Would you rather…” is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces). Pisces are also ruled by Neptune, who has dominion over the dance arts, so if you cue up that 2000s playlist, they’ll have everyone doing the Cupid Shuffle on the dance floor in no time. Crisis averted.

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