The best kind of exercise is exercise that doesn’t feel like a chore. As in, it’s not painful. Below, ten super-simple ways to burn 100 calories without really thinking about it. (Note: The following calorie calculations are based on a 150-pound woman.)

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100 cal dance
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Dance Like No One's Watching (20 Minutes)

Create a playlist of upbeat songs (ones with a tempo between 120 and 140 beats per minute are the best at keeping you motivated, according to sport psychologist Dr. Costas Karageorghis) and dance like you’re Jennifer Beals in an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. The time will fly by—and in the end, you’ll be dripping with sweat. We promise.

100 cal dog

Chase the Dog (30 Minutes)

Your pup is your very own four-legged personal trainer. He’ll play fetch, run in circles in the grass and show you all of his favorite places to sniff. In the time it takes to watch a Friends rerun, you’ll have bonded with Fido and gotten some fresh air. Win-win.

100 cal circuit
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Create Your Own Circuit Workout (10 Minutes)

No time for the gym? Try this quick and easy workout recommended by Eric Salvador, head instructor at The Fhitting Room in New York City. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then bend your knees into a squat. Repeat ten times, then follow it with ten push-ups and ten crunches. Repeat for ten minutes and bam: You’ve just burned 100 calories in your living room.

100 cal ball
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Sit on an Exercise Ball (1 Hour)

You’ve heard that “sitting is the new smoking,” but that kinda depends on how you’re sitting. Slumping over in a chair from nine to five is a recipe for back and neck pain, but siting up straight on an exercise ball, with your feet flat on the floor and engaging your core burns about 100 calories in just an hour.

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100 cal bike
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Go for a Quick Bike Ride (15 Minutes)

You might not have 45 minutes to devote to a spin class, but if you can get outside (weather permitting), bike riding is a fun way to torch a bunch of calories really quickly.

100 cal laugh
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Watch a Funny Movie (1 Hour, 30 Minutes)

OK, you have, like, no excuse not to take advantage of this one. It turns out, laughing burns between ten and 40 calories per ten minutes, meaning a single viewing of Mean Girls is sure to equal at least 100 cals.

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100 cal cooking
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Cook a Delicious and Healthy Meal (45 Minutes)

The keyword here is healthy, but chopping, sautéing and doing all those other things associated with food prep burns 100 calories in just 45 minutes. Yes, you’ll replenish those calories pretty much immediately, but assuming the meal is healthy, it’s more than worth the preemptive burn.

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100 cal kids
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Play with Your Kids (25 Minutes)

You know your kiddos tire you out, but did you know they give you a pretty good workout too? Get silly with the little ones for a mere 25 minutes to burn 100 calories. Plus, chances are 25 minutes won’t make them sleepy, so you’re probably in for even more calorie burning.

100 cal shopping
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Go Shopping (38 Minutes)

We’ll be honest: We’ve rolled our eyes more than once at those “shopping is my cardio” shirts. But it actually is a fairly effective stand-in for exercise. Hitting the stores for about 40 minutes—trying things on, walking between shops, lifting bags of new clothes—burns 100 calories and countless more dollars.

100 cal hair
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Try a Hairstyle You Saw on Pinterest (35 Minutes)

Or just stick to your normal blowout. Either way, holding your arms in the air, drying and styling your hair burns 100 calories in 35 minutes. Yet another reason to give that low braided updo a try.

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