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The One Thing You’re Forgetting to Do for Your Health This Winter

We spend all winter trying to avoid the office bug: washing our hands every ten minutes, chugging water, daily keyboard sanitizing sessions, you name it. But health and wellness coach Amy Kurtz, author of Kicking Sick, clued us in to the important thing we do all summer long but rarely do in the winter: sweat.

Yep, perspiring is your body’s way of unloading toxins like salt, ammonia, urea, trace minerals and metals—the less of these you hold onto, Kurtz says, the stronger your immune system will be.

Unless you’re getting your cardio on at the gym a few times a week, chances are you’re not sweating enough in the winter, making you more susceptible to cold and flu. Not to fear: Kurtz has a simple solution and we promise you’re going to like it. She recommends taking warm baths on the regular to help your body sweat more when it’s cold outside. Basically, the idea is that light sweating—by way of a relaxing bubble bath—replaces what you naturally do in the summer. Indoor saunas and steam showers will also do the trick, and if you have dry skin, try adding bath oils.

Now go light a few candles, fill the tub and enjoy the easiest sweat you’ve ever had.

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