Is Kate Middleton Ready for Baby No. 4?

Call it Meghan Mania, but Kate Middleton seems to have caught a bad case of baby fever.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, today. Kate greeted fans outside and spoke with a father in the crowd who was holding his 5-month-old baby, according to The Daily Mail. “He’s a very sweet little boy…He’s so diddy. Makes me very broody,”  Middleton said of the little boy.


kate middleton talking to crowd
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According to English slang translation, “diddy” isn’t the name of a Bad Boy Entertainment exec, but anything small and cute. The Oxford English Dictionary uses it in a sentence: British informal—Little. Ex: A little diddy baby hedgehog.

But what about “broody”? Does this mean the duchess is languishing over the child? Turns out, in British slang, the phrase actually means “wishing to sit on or hatch eggs.” Whoa, sounds like baby fever to us.

kate middleton smelling flower
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The father then replied, “Baby number four?” Kate’s answer: “I think William might be slightly worried.” Truuuue. But, then he’d be overjoyed, right? 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embarked on a two-day royal tour of Northern Ireland on Wednesday. After an athletic day of soccer, canoeing and archery yesterday, Kate and Will did a quick outfit change, then served beer at the Empire Music Hall in Belfast in their finest barback attire.

Sorry, George, Charlotte and Louis: Sounds like it might be a hot sec before you have another little sibling on the way.


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