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Holiday hosting in our dreams: The entire family sitting by the fireplace, eating your pumpkin pie, which your mother-in-law compliments profusely. Holiday hosting in reality: Trying not to dry out the turkey whilst doing 500 other things, in the middle of which your mother-in-law asks you to make her a cup of coffee. Here are five ways to avoid the age-old holiday burnout this year.

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Hire a Cleaning Service

Hey, we’re not questioning whether you can clean your whole house—we’re questioning whether you should. Cleaning is a huge undertaking, and your valuable time is probably best spent elsewhere. So enlist professional help to have one less stressor. It’s a good mantra, people.

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Stick to One Healthy Meal Every Day

By no means are we telling you to put down the frosted cookie. But since this time of year means all the treats (and all the treats means major sugar crashes), we are telling you to maybe try to eat a piece of fruit every once in a while. We recommend breakfast (because smoothie bowls, obviously). As for those healthy ingredients? Antioxidants are a must—they fight free radicals—and Bai antioxidant-infused drinks are low in sugar and have a great fruit flavor. Pour some into your smoothie or drink it straight.

bai coffee station

Set Up as Much Self-Serving as Possible

Do your guests really need you to make them a cup of coffee or do they just not feel comfortable fumbling around in your kitchen looking for mugs? Ditto for drinks, snacks and everything else they might need. Do yourself a favor and set up little stations right out in the open so everyone can serve themselves. Think a coffee bar with mugs and K-Cups, a snack cart with paper plates and napkins, and even a guest-room tray full of soaps, washcloths and cotton rounds. (A fridge stocked with healthy grab-and-go drinks like Bai also cuts down on the number of dirty glasses to wash.)

bai bedroom

Make Sure You Have a Cozy Retreat

Your natural instinct is probably to ignore your bedroom and focus on the rest of the house, right? But what you should really be doing is keeping your room extra Zen since it’s probably the only private space you’ll have. Besides, physical clutter causes mental clutter.

bai holiday wreath

Keep Holiday Decorations Concentrated

Rather than going overboard just to impress your guests, create a decor strategy that targets three areas. First, home in on the main rooms and stick a potted poinsettia in each (corners work nicely). Next, look to your tabletops: Fill bowls with gorgeous antique or glass ornaments for an easy, eye-catching centerpiece. Finally, buy a few pretty wreaths and hang them from all of your doors (inside and out). Trust us, your guests won’t miss the holly you practically risked your life to hang last year.

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