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It’s officially June, and if you need us, you’ll have to look for the nearest chaise lounge, where we’ll be parked for the next three months with a cold glass of Trader Joe’s sparkling watermelon juice. Below, more about all sorts of new summer goodies from our very favorite store.

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trader joes Villa Alena Rose  769
Trader Joe's

Villa Alena Rosé

Call us basic, but we can’t think of anything better than a crisp glass of rosé on a hot afternoon. This one is fruity and just a little bit fizzy (plus, you can’t beat the price).

Trader Joe’s ($8.99)

trader joes ghost chile barbecue sauce
Trader Joe's

Ghost Chile BBQ Sauce

Yes, ghost chilies are known for their intense heat and this sauce does pack a bit of a punch. But with plenty of other flavors (pineapple juice, molasses and tomato sauce, yum) to temper the peppers, it’s a great choice even for the slightly more spice-averse.

Trader Joe’s ($2.69)

trader joes chocolate covered pretzels
Trader Joe's

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

A little bit sweet, a little bit salty…they’re the best snack in the universe. Need we say more?

Trader Joe’s ($3.49)

trader joes organic coleslaw kit
Trader Joe's

Organic Coleslaw Kit

Coleslaw is mandatory at any summer cookout. But who wants to do all that chopping? Let TJ’s do the work for you, so you can get back outside in the sun.

Trader Joe’s ($2.69)

buttermilk protein pancake mix
Trader Joe's

Buttermilk Protein Pancake Mix

You know you should be starting your day with some protein, but all you want is a giant stack of pancakes. This mix is as healthy as adding protein powder to your pancake batter, without the chalky aftertaste.

Trader Joe’s ($3.49)

trader joes benne Seed wafers
Trader Joe's

Benne Seed Wafers

Benne seeds—a type of heirloom sesame seed—have been a popular part of Low Country (aka coastal Georgia and South Carolina) cooking for generations. We love them in these traditional wafer cookies, which are buttery, nutty and fantastic with a cup of tea.

Trader Joe’s ($3.29)

trader joes jalapeno Sauce
Trader Joe's

Jalapeño Sauce

Sometimes we want to add a little heat without setting our taste buds on fire. We’re all in for this new jalapeño sauce, which is mild and fruity, and outrageously good drizzled over scrambled eggs.

Trader Joe’s ($3.49)

trader joes Egg Frittata with Swiss Cheese and Cauliflower
Trader Joe's

Egg Frittata with Swiss Cheese and Cauliflower

Eating a healthy breakfast on a workday is truly a chore. But with these savory, veggie-packed frozen frittatas, our days of grabbing a granola bar as we run out the door are officially over.

Trader Joe’s ($2.99)

trader joes sparkling watermelon juice
Trader Joe's

Sparkling Watermelon Juice

The sun is shining and we’re looking for something super refreshing. We love this on its own (with a little sprig of mint if we’re feeling fancy) or as the base for a light summer cocktail.

Trader Joe’s ($3.99)

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