25 Super Bowl Cocktail Recipes for 2023 That Will Get the Watch Party Started

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Last year, you spent Super Bowl Sunday sipping a lukewarm Pilsner, wishing you were drinking something that contained tequila. Or mezcal. Or both. In 2023, you’ll be far better prepared, thanks to these 25 Super Bowl cocktail recipes that are just right for the big game. (After all, many of them are made with beer.) Whether you’re actually paying attention to the game or you’re just in it for the wings, nachos and snacks, these libations are sure to kick the party off right.

1. Sangrita

What do you get when you mix sangria and a margarita? This tequila-laced deliciousness right here. Take your pick of sweet or dry red wine—both will fit like a glove.

2. Sage Bee’s Knees

It's official: Coterie member Aida Mollenkamp is a gin-mixing genius. (This honey-citrus cocktail would also taste great with whiskey, if that's more your speed.)

3. Beer Margarita

Since your fridge will already be stocked with brewskis for the big game, why not sweeten the pot glass with your favorite tequila and a spritz of lime? Mexican lager would work here, too.

4. Grapefruit Radler

Like a shandy, except fresh grapefruit juice takes over for traditional lemonade. Bonus points for using fresh-squeezed citrus (it's worth the arm workout, promise).

5. Guava Mezcal Mule

This sweet, smoky stunner is only five minutes away. Substitute ginger ale for ginger beer to tone down the spice.

6. Raspberry-Lime Champagne Punch

There's no easier way to quench the thirst of a crowd, trust. Prepare it in a pitcher with a spigot so your guests can serve themselves (and so you can get in on the snacks before they disappear).

7. Blood Orange-Mint Gin Fizz

Consider this vibrant drink an ode to citrus season. Make the herby simple syrup ahead of Super Bowl Sunday so you can mix the cocktails in a flash the day of the party.

8. Spicy Strawberry Mojitos

Coterie member Jess Reilly is welcome to bring these over any time. They star spicy rum, which you can make by infusing white rum with jalapeño slices or Fresno chiles overnight.

9. Big-Batch Pink Negronis

Catch us posting these Insta-worthy beauties to social during halftime. Lillet Blanc is an unconventional addition that makes the bevs sweeter, lighter and floral.

10. The Best Bloody Mary

Set up a make-your-own Blood Mary bar with olives, cocktail shrimp and bacon for garnishing. (Pickle-infused vodka is a game-changer...just sayin'.)

11. Cranberry Moscow Mule

A wintry twist on a vodka classic. Use 100 percent cranberry juice instead of cranberry juice cocktail to give the mules a more intense tartness.

12. Pomegranate and Orange Champagne Punch

Nothing says "celebration" like bubbly. Whip up a huge batch of Coterie member Heidi Larsen's winter specialty and nurse it all night long.

13. Fresh Fig Margaritas

Your guests will be totally wowed by the lavender-infused fig syrup. Top each glass with a skewered fig half and lime wedge.

14. Double Old Fashioned

This bourbon drink, spiked with orange bitters, is best sipped next to the fireplace. Muddle a sugar cube with the cherry and orange peel instead of using simple syrup if you're feeling fancy.

15. Whiskey Lemonade with Honey Simple Syrup

You should probably bookmark this to serve at your first summer barbecue of the year too. (P.S.: We won't tell if you use store-bought lemonade.)

16. Pineapple Lime Beer Margaritas

This mouth-puckering pick tastes like vacation. No agave nectar? Honey, maple syrup or simple syrup can take over for the O.G.

17. Grapefruit White Wine Spritzer

Tart grapefruit vodka + sweet moscato = a libation for the books. Slide a sprig of rosemary and a grapefruit slice into each glass and call it a night.

18. Tequila Rosé Spritz

Because rosé is a crowd-pleaser all year long, not just in the summer. Up the cuteness factor even more by coating the rims in Himalayan pink salt.

19. Beer Bloody Mary

Don't worry, this twist on the timeless brunch bev still boasts all the essentials. We're talking vodka, tomato juice, hot sauce, horseradish, celery salt and more.

20. Tito’s Colada

A taste of summer in the dead of winter. Who knew vodka could take over for rum in this island fave? (You can also use both, if you feel so inclined.)

21. Paloma Fizz

Instead of fussing with fresh-squeezed juice, the recipe calls for grapefruit soda. Go the extra mile by finishing the fizzes with a flourish of edible flowers.

22. Coctel en Cantarito

A trio of citrus juices unite for an impossibly refreshing libation, starring smooth, round reposado (meaning aged up to one year) tequila.

23. Orange Turmeric Margaritas

The rim is coated in a mix of coarse salt, ground turmeric and ancho chile powder—need we say more? Wear an apron when preparing the turmeric simple syrup so you don't stain your clothes.

24. Ojo Rojo

Aka a smoky michelada made with Mexican amber lager and a chipotle chile powder rim. We're partial to Modelo Negra and Dos Equis Amber.

25. French 75

This way, you'll have lemon-kissed Champagne at the ready to celebrate your team's win (or to soothe their loss).

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