You’d Never Guess the New Last Crumb Cookies Are Gluten-Free

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last crumb gluten-free cookies
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TOTAL: 91/100

Last Crumb’s cookie drops sell out almost as quickly as they’re released—despite the fact that a dozen cookies will set you back more than $100. But even though they have a fervent following, we were skeptical about their new mission to prove that gluten-free cookies needn’t taste like sawdust. Well, bless our jaded souls, because in a blind taste test of half a dozen people, no one could tell their latest treats were gluten-free. No one commented that they were dry or wood clippings-esque, either. Instead, the reactions were more, “Damn, that was good—where did that cookie come from?” and “you got any more?”

On April 12, you'll get to try them too. Last Crumb is releasing four gluten-free flavors into the wild for the first time, and we’ve got the lowdown on every flavor, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth dropping $160 for a dozen softball-sized sweets.

So, What Are the Gluten-Free Last Crumb Flavors?

1. I Lava You

Remember the molten lava cakes that ruled every cruise ship and flair-bedecked chain restaurant menu of the early aughts? This cookie is a riff on that, with a chewy, chocolate cookie that gives way to a truly fudgy, gooey, ganache interior. It’s coated in confectioners sugar, and given how massive these cookies are (they’re bigger than your fist), you can easily share them. This one’s more like an anniversary dessert than your typical after-school snack.

2. Birthday Boohoo

Cake batter stans, this one’s for you. It’s got a chewy, cake batter-y cookie base that’s positively studded with vanilla frosting bits and smothered in rainbow nonpareils. The cookie’s softness is a standout feature, as is the caramelized butter in the base, which gives it more depth than your typical sugar cookie.

3. Thicc Boy

Holy peanut butter, Batman! This cookie’s peanutty base makes it extra moist, with a texture that’s almost fudgy. It’s got a solid ratio of peanut butter cups and peanut butter chips throughout, though we kinda wish the chips were swapped for dark chocolate chunks. (Next drop, pretty please?) The real pièce de résistance is Thicc Boy’s flaky sea salt topping. It adds dimension to the cookie, making it the second favorite of the set, just behind Grandma’s Last Stand.

4. Grandma’s Last Stand

We have strong opinions about chocolate chip cookies, and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s a little drier than the others in the set, which is why it’s crucial to follow the brand’s rec to warm up the cookie before serving it. The cookie itself softens, providing a sink-into-it, caramelized cookie that’s positively oozing with three kinds of chocolate (dark, semisweet and milk). The core is a bit doughy and molten, like a cookie fresh from the oven. It will remind you of childhood, only—dare we say it?—better than Mom used to make (especially if Mom swore by break-and-bakes).

What Makes Them So Good?

The quality of the ingredients and gourmet techniques (like caramelizing the butter in Birthday Boohoo, for example) elevate these from your run-of-the-mill cookies. Last Crumb partnered with Original Sunshine, a company that makes wheat-based flour that’s (miraculously?) gluten-free. This creates a thick, pillowy cookie akin to the half-pound treats trending these days, and the overall texture is right in line with the real deal.  

Are They Worth It?

We’ll let you be the judge. The cookies come individually wrapped and sealed, so they can last up to two weeks, allowing you to savor each one. And each is so large that you pretty much have to share it (or eat half at a time), but still, realizing you’re shelling out $13 a cookie can be tough to swallow.

As a special treat—particularly to celebrate a major milestone or provide a pick-me-up amid a rough season of life—it can be worth the splurge.

If you're interested in trying them, check out Last Crumb now to get an alert, and maybe set an additional reminder for the April 12 drop, since these treats disappear fast.

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