25 Easy Pie Recipes Anyone Can Master

You’ll fearlessly roast a whole chicken and you consider yourself a cookie master, but there’s one thing that strikes fear into your culinary heart every time: Pie. We’ll totally admit that—even for us seasoned bakers—mastering a flaky crust and luscious filling then rolling and crimping it into something stunning is totally intimidating. But with these 25 easy pie recipes, you’ll be a pie professional in no time.

21 Easy and Delicious Savory Pie Recipes

1. Cherry Slab Pie

Everyone knows the crust is the best part, and in our opinion, a slab pie offers a more balanced crust-to-filling ratio. You won’t know until you try it, though.

2. Mini Apricot Meringue Pies

Confession: We’re totally smitten with these cuties, which feature a cookie-like crust and jammy filling. You can use any fruit that’s in season, but don’t skip the fluffy meringue.

3. Peanut-butter Freezer Pie

You don’t even need an oven for this one. The press-in crust and freezer filling eliminate all that par-baking, rolling and crimping nonsense.

4. Lemon Pie With Blueberry Meringue

Sure, you could make a traditional lemon meringue pie. Or you could add freeze-dried blueberries and blow everyone away.

5. Neapolitan Pie

At first glance, this pie looks deceptively simple. But slice in and you’ll find three irresistible, impressive layers of flavor.

6. Blueberry Crumble Pie

By swapping the top crust for a low-maintenance crumb topping, you automatically make the recipe easier to pull off. And besides, who can argue with cinnamon-sugar streusel?

7. Ginger Cherry Pie

FYI, Erin McDowell is something of a pie genius, so you can trust that her spicy take on a classic cherry pie will be utterly delicious.

8. Puff-pastry Plum And Thyme Galette

A galette is really just a fancy way of saying “freeform pie,” right? This one takes it a step further with an effortless (read: store-bought) puff-pastry base.

9. Strawberry Pie With Strawberry Crust

Ooh, look how fancy! The effect is surprisingly easy to pull off: By pulsing freeze-dried fruit into your food processor crust, you’ll end up with a pastel masterpiece.

10. Cheater’s Mini Rhubarb Galettes

The hardest part is rolling out the pre-made pie dough.

11. Mini Caramel Pecan Pies With Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust

We know it’s hard to believe, but these minis are ready in under an hour. That means more time for eating two…or three.

12. Mini Strawberry Ice-cream Pies

Everyone will think this took you tons of effort, but it’s as simple as crushing up graham crackers and roasting some fruit. Look at you, pie whiz.

13. Muffin-tin Lemon Meringue Tarts

These look like they belong in a bakery showcase, but they’re super simple to whip up at home, thanks to your handy muffin tin.

14. Vegan And Gluten-free Dark Chocolate Ginger Tart

With a fudge-like consistency and irresistible combination of rich dark chocolate and zingy ginger, no one will even suspect that it’s actually kind of healthy.

15. Blackberry Panna Cotta Tartlets

Skip the pastry cream and fill your itty-bitty tart crusts with this panna cotta instead. Why? Because there’s no special equipment required.

16. Gluten-free Pistachio Apricot Tart

Behold, the most photogenic dessert of all time. You can use any fruit you like, but we’re partial to stone fruit when it’s in season.

17. Banoffee Pie With Honeycomb

Meet banoffee, the magical British flavor combination of bananas, toffee and cream that’s somewhat life changing. Better yet, these mini pies are ready in just 40 minutes.

18. Chocolate-chip Cookie Tart With Chocolate Ganache

If a chocolate-chip cookie and a chocolate cream pie had a very delicious baby, this would be it.

19. Berry Galette

This one’s for the pie purists. You really can’t go wrong.

20. Brownie Pie

Oh hi, decadent pie of our dreams. If you’re going to have dessert, you might as well go all in.

21. Triple Cookie Skillet Pie

While we’re big fans of cookies, sometimes we just can’t bother with the scooping and portioning. This skillet pie is the solution.

22. No-bake Coconut Cream Pie

Your oven called, and it wants a break. Good news, this sweet stunner relies solely on the refrigerator to set up.

23. Gluten-free Apple Rose Tart

It’ll look like you pulled out all the stops, but don’t tell anyone how easy it really was. (You can thank the press-in pecan crust for that.)

easy pie recipes banana cream pie
Lomelino's Pies: A Sweet Celebration of Pies, Galettes, and Tarts

24. Banana Cream Pie

This pie has a secret: There are peanuts in the crust, which balance the sweet filling with just a hint of salt.

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25. Biscuit Dough Pumpkin Hand Pies

We’ve got a trick up our sleeve, in the form of a can of store-bought biscuit dough. See you later, finicky pie crust.

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