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You decided to DIY your little one’s Halloween costume this year. Then you realized you definitely don’t have the time to sew together a full Wonder Woman bodice and skirt and also braid together a Lasso of Truth and figure out how to make a pair of red and white boots. Well, as long as you have some spare linens and 20 or so minutes, you can still stick to your creative intentions. Here, five adorable Halloween costumes you can make with a bed sheet.

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princess leia

Princess Leia

The most difficult part of this costume is getting her hair into two symmetrical buns.

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statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty

Give us your Reese's, your M&M's, your clustered Milk Duds and we will give you a brilliantly easy and fun costume tutorial.

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Your kiddos will have just as much fun tearing an old sheet to shreds to make this costume as they will wearing the finished product.

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zeus costume
Cyndi Monaghan/Getty images


Cardboard lightning bolts, a cotton ball beard and a leaf-adorned headband are all just as easy to make as this bed sheet toga.

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In just three cuts (two for the eyes and one to trim the hem), you have a wonderfully classic Halloween costume. Pro tip: Pin the top of the sheet to a beanie and have your little guy wear it under his costume to keep the eyeholes in place.

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