18 Genius Uses for Old Sheets That Have Nothing to Do with Your Bed

The right bedding will keep you warm and cozy in the wintertime, and nice and cool when it’s scorching hot. Not to mention how a chic set of sheets can totally transform your master bedroom… if it’s in good condition, that is. But what should you do if your bedding has seen better days? Well, we’re here to let you know there are tons of ingenious ways to repurpose worn-out sheets around the house. From dog toys and projector screens to garment bags and furniture coverings, check out these 18 clever uses for old sheets.

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uses for old sheets beach blanket
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1. Use Them As Sand-free Beach Blankets

Ugh, sand always gets everywhere at the beach. No more! Place beach bags (or coolers) in the corners of a fitted sheet to create a mini barrier to keep the grains out.

2. Or As A Tablecloth At A Picnic

Spread the sheet over a picnic table or your preferred spot in the park. Once you package up any leftovers, cleanup is as simple as shaking out the sheet.

3. Protect Your Couch From Wear And Tear (and Pets)

Just tuck it right in around the cushions, so it’s NBD if Fido constantly jumps up.

4. And Refresh Puppy Bedding That's Seen Better Days

Wrap a sheet around a doggie mattress and ta-da: It’s like a brand-new sleeping pad.

5. Use It To Keep The Backseat Of A Car Crumb-free

Cover the headrests all the way down to the seat corners to create a machine-washable buffer from all kinds of kid spills. (Ahem, juice boxes.)

6. And As A Makeshift Plant Cover Before A Frost

The stretchy corners of a fitted sheet will perfectly ensure winter frost doesn’t get to your garden beds.

uses for old sheets paint drop cloth
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7. Lay It Out As A Drop Cloth The Next Time You Paint

Secure the sheet with paint buckets at the corners and it will catch not just drips, but paint chips as well.

8. Use It To Recover An Ironing Board That's Seriously Stained

All you need is a fitted sheet and a staple gun. Huzzah!

9. Turn Them Into Cloth Dog Toys

Our four-legged family members tend to get a little gnaw-y, so consider knotting up an old sheet into a handy tug-of-war toy they can sink their teeth into without sending you into a panic.

10. Create An Instagrammable Backdrop

Looking to do a DIY photo shoot for your birthday, your kid’s graduation or even just for fun? If you’ve got a particularly dynamic looking old sheet, you can repurpose it as a backdrop for some cool photos for the ‘Gram.

11. Make A Fort For The Kids

Active imaginations need constant invigoration, so why not offer up your old sheets to make different forts for the kiddos?

uses for old sheets halloween
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12. Save Them For Halloween

You can’t go wrong with a classic ghost costume or regal Greek god/goddess vibe.

13. Transform Them Into Cleaning Rags

Cotton sheets or microfiber sheets will make stellar cleaning rags—perfect for wiping windows, glass tables and TV screens without leaving any streaks. They’re also highly-absorbent (those red wine or cranberry juice spills won’t stand a chance).

14. Use Them As Buffers Against Drafts

Keep your house nice and toasty by stuffing sheets in any nooks and crannies where drafts can seep through during the colder months of the year.

15. Make A Diy Projector Screen

Movie projectors are having a moment so if you’ve recently splurged on one, odds are, you’re going to need a projector screen. Sure, you could spend extra dollars to buy one or you can simply hang a plain white sheet to your wall and bring out the popcorn!

16. Create A Heat Pack

Your regular heat pack from the drugstore may be useless after just one use, but you can create a longer lasting one using an old sheet and some rice. Simply reheat your DIY pack in the microwave whenever you need to quickly alleviate cramps, shoulder pain or muscles spasms. Check out this easy tutorial to create your own.

17. Turn It Into A Garment Bag…

Learn how to keep all your fancy ensembles in mint condition by turning your old sheets into garment bags with this clever tutorial.

18. …or A Reusable Tote Bag

Convert your (linen) sheets into reusable totes and wave goodbye to plastic bags. Mother Nature thanks you.

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