The 16 Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers, Because "No Sweat" is Our Sleep Mantra

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If the mere thought of cocooning in heavy sheets makes you sweat, but sleeping on top of them isn’t an option (you’re not an animal), then it might be time to invest in bedding that’s specifically designed to regulate your body temperature. Because as all hot sleepers know, it feels impossible to keep cool while you snooze. Here are 16 of the best cooling sheets to shop just in time for summer.

What is the Best Sheet Material for Hot Sleepers?

Materials such as linen, cotton, bamboo, and lyocell are more breathable and cooler than others, according to the Sleep Foundation. (And for high rollers out there, the foundations also touts silk bedding for its lightweight design and cool-to-touch texture.) Every fiber its own unique feel—for example, cotton percale is crisp, linen is slightly rough at first but softens over time and bamboo has a soft, jersey-like drape. Whichever texture feels best to you, the name of the game is breathability. "Body temperature is known to increase while we sleep, and as a result, our bodies generate extra heat," says Christoper Sun, founder of My Sheets Rock. "When heat evaporates, it warms the skin as well as the air and fabrics surrounding it. Fabrics like bamboo rayon are more breathable and absorbent, which in turn helps your body generate less heat and regulate temperate while you sleep."

Katie Elks, Brooklinen's Director of Design and Product Development, says "cotton percale and linen are the best fabrics if you run hot at night, or if you’re in hot weather and need to keep cool. Cotton Percale has a crisp feel—very much like classic hotel style sheets—and will keep you cool all night long. Alternatively, linen is even more breathable, and linen fibers have unique moisture-wicking properties that make it even cooler than cotton." Corey Sullivan, Head of Product at Riley Home, says "weave is often the most important factor in cooling sheets. Fabrics with an open weave tend to be cooler as they allow for more air to flow between the fabric's yarns and do not trap heat." If you're experiencing night sweats due to perimenopause or are yourself or co-sleeping with a hot sleeper, you'll want to explore the wide world of not only sheet options but also summer blankets and cooling mattresses.

The Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers at a Glance

The 14 Best Sheet Sets on Amazon to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Luxe Oasis

best cooling sheets 3

1. Parachute Percale Sheet Set

Best for Crispness

There’s something about crisp sheets that reminds us of a five-star hotel. And Parachute’s Portugal-made percale bundle will make your bedroom feel like The Ritz. The sheets are woven from long-staple Egyptian cotton, which is lightweight, breathable and durable enough to keep its crisp factor, no matter how often you wash them.

cooling sheets allswell

2. Allswell Percale Sheet Set

Best for Moisture Wicking

"Like sliding into a wine sleeve straight from the freezer," enthuses Editor-in-Chief Jillian Quint about these all-cotton sheets that are given a special garment wash to impart additional softness. "These are actually my go-to summer sheets, because they're so light and moisture-wicking (a little too light for winters in my drafty bedroom)," says Quint. "I love how crisp they feel, especially in an air-conditioned room."

cooling sheets cozy earth

3. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Best for Fit

"There's a reason that Oprah is obsessed with these things—they're amazing. The second I feel them against my skin, I feel a quick little shudder of coolness. In fact, I worried that they might make me too cold at night at first, but that hasn't been the case—they're just right. They fit my extra-deep mattress, too!" says commerce editor Nicole Briese. We're in agreement—not only do the fitted sheets stay put on mattresses up to 20 inches deep, they come in Twin/Twin XL, California King and Split King configurations as well as well traditional sizes sizes.

cooling sheets luxome

4. Luxome Luxury Sheet Set

Best Value

"These sheets are not expensive (in the grand scheme of sheets), but they feel SO luxurious—silky and thick at the same time," says PureWow Editor-in-Chief Jillian Quint of these 400-thread-count sheets woven from viscose derived from bamboo. "But I also love how cool they stay in summer months. My only complaint: They come out of the dryer wrinkly, though usually de-wrinkle after a few days on the bed."

cooling sheets my sheets rock
My Sheets Rock

5. My Sheets Rock "the Regulator"

Best Stretchy Cooling Sheets

Lightweight bamboo-derived rayon with a bit of stretch is designed to not only wick away moisture, but to also be cuddly while keeping you cool. And bonus: The antimicrobial properties of bamboo lead to less bacteria and more of a fresh-smelling bed.

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Best for Softness

"I am stunned at how soft these sheets are. Like, softer-than-a-cherub-swaddled-in-chenille soft, and yet they're still pretty lightweight and breathable," says home editor Candace Davison. "I can pair them with a fluffy duvet for the whole cloud-bed effect without waking up in a puddle of sweat halfway through the night. Plus, they're cheap! So cheap!" Made with both polyester and microfiber, these sheets are wrinkle, stain and fade resistant, hypoallergenic and cooling. Seriously, what more do you need?

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7. Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

Best Eco-Conscious Cooling Sheets

Did you know naturally cooling linen is made from environmentally conscious flax? Brooklinen’s is sourced from Belgium and France and is OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. Each piece of the Linen Core Sheet Set is individually washed and dyed in small batches in Portugal, for a genuine one-of-a-kind, lived-in look.

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8. Comfort Spaces Coolmax Cooling Sheets

Best Bargain

Want to sleep through the night without breaking your budget? These sheets have over 1,500 positive reviews on Amazon, touting their soft feel, moisture-wicking capabilities and all-around comfort—for just $30 (FYI, that’s for a queen set). They’re made with Coolmax microfiber that promises to prevent you from waking up drenched in sweat. And added convenience of this style: You can buy just the fitted sheet, in case you want to dispense with a top sheet and just top your bed with a cooling comforter.

cooling sheets riley
Riley Home

9. Riley Home Percale Sheet Set

Best Color Range Cooling Sheets

These sheets in a crisp, hotel-linen-like fabrication come in 15 colors, including a pair of striped sheets that have the look and feel of menswear shirting. Made of 100 percent long-staple cotton, these sets come with a fitted sheet and a pair of pillowcases that close with a tidy envelope edge, so no pillow edges are going to pop out when you're spooning with these pillows. A flat sheet is available to purchase separately, to really wrap yourself in percale.

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The Citizenry

Best Luxury

"These sheets have great airflow and they get better with time. As in, the more you wash them, the cozier they feel (at first, they're a little stiff, IMO)," according to home editor Candace Davison. "They also give you full license to slack on making your bed. After all, that rumpled linen gives you that influencer-y, effortlessly cool vibe...though I'm still working on mastering that look. If you’re the type of person that likes everything to coordinate (duvet cover included), invest in this dreamy linen set, which comes in 12 muted earth-tones." Each piece is stonewashed to ensure a super soft finish and as linen sheets lovers know, the splurge is worth it to experience the increasing buttery feel after every wash.

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Slumber Cloud

11. Slumbercloud Stratus Sheet Set

Best Color Range

Another technology-driven option, these sheets are made to be soft, durable and crisp thanks to NASA-engineered Outlast fibers, which create the ideal conditions for deeper sleep and less humidity build-up. And we're way into the eight muted shades they come in, including blush, linen and Arctic blue.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

12. Cariloha Resort 400-thread-count Sheets

Best Sateen Cooling Sheet

This bamboo-derived sheet has a silky, sateen feel, unusual in a cooling sheet because sateen achieves its lustrous finish through a tight weave. However this fabric is woven to let heat dissapate and stay chill to the touch. Finally, your whole bed will feel as cool as the other side of the pillow, all night long.

best cooling sheets 11
Nest Bedding

13. Nest Bedding Tencel Lyocell Sheet Set

Best Absorbency

One of the only sheet sets on this list to take sensitive skin into consideration, Nest Bedding’s Tencel fabric is smoother and wicks 70 percent more moisture than cotton to keep you comfy from the moment your head hits the pillow to the minute your alarm goes off.

best cooling sheets 5

14. Buffy Eucalyptus Sheet Set

Best for Sensitive Skin

Sustainable, hypoallergenic, naturally dyed and cool to the touch, eucalyptus is another earth-friendly fabric that filters out heat, rather than trapping it. Plus, it’s softer than linen and more breathable than cotton. The eucalyptus used by Buffy is grown in Austria using ten times less water than cotton and is naturally dyed with ingredients like gardenia and pomegranate.

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Pottery Barn

15. Pottery Barn Temperature Regulating Sheet Set

Best Temperature-Adjusting Cooling Sheets

Pottery Barn’s exclusive SleepSmart bedding doesn’t just wick away moisture and sweat, it continuously adjusts to help maintain your ideal body temperature for sleeping. How? It uses active volcanic minerals that work with your body’s need for more or less warmth. Talk about high-tech.

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Helix Sleep

16. Helix White Ultra Soft Sheet Set

Best Guarantees and Warranty

Made with Tencel (an eco-friendly material extracted from wood pulp), Helix’s sheets are more effective at drawing out moisture than traditional cotton sheets, plus the natural fibers require 10 to 20 times less water during production. And just like the brand’s mattress policy, its sheets also come with a 100-night sleep trial, as well as a three-year warranty.