The Softest Sheets to Try for the Ultimate Good Night’s Sleep

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While cuffing season tends to turn the populous’ attention to who is going to be one’s chosen snuggle partner, the first snap of cool weather makes us think of a relationship that’s even more intimate: Do we have the perfect sheets? Are they pretty to look at? But most of all, are they as soft as possible? In the interests of everyone getting a better sleep (and us getting the best deal on the best sheets), here’s our rundown on the market’s very best choices.

What Thread Count Makes for the Softest Sheets?

It’s complicated! By which we mean…it doesn’t matter. While thread count is defined as the number of threads woven in a single inch of fabric—and since, traditionally, more threads meant a tighter weave (and thus a softer feel)—that’s not the case in today’s varied bedding market. According to bedding professionals at Sleep Foundation, manufacturers tend to inflate their thread counts, and the quality of the fiber is a better indicator of how soft a fabric feels as opposed to how dense it is. The Tl;DR? There’s no magic number that is an indicator of a sheet’s comfort.

What are the Softest, Most Luxurious Sheets?

Here’s where a little bedding terminology comes in handy to explain the different styles of and materials making up sheets. Because individual preference and sleeping habits matter a lot in choosing the most comfortable sheet for you—and the level of softness is according to your personal sweet spot.

  • Sateen: This tightly woven fabric has a silky feel and looks lustrous
  • Percale: Less tightly woven than sateen, this looks crisper on the bed and is beloved by hot sleepers for its coolness.
  • Linen: This is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant that’s prized for its breathability and durability.
  • Bamboo: Fast-growing grass that has become a popular contemporary choice as sheeting material known for its softness, breathability and stain-repellent characteristics.
  • Flannel: A loosely knit weave made of materials from cotton to wool that’s known for its wintertime warmth.
  • Rayon: One of the most common fabrics made from bamboo using the viscose process, which uses powerful chemicals to break down bamboo’s super-strong plant fibers
  • Microfiber: Made of finely woven fibers from wood pulp, polyester or nylon, this durable fabric feels silky but can trap heat


Here Are our Editors' Absolute Favorite Sheet Sets—From $15 to $598

softest sheets 1
  • Why We Love It: Made from a silky-soft bamboo and viscose, Oeko-Tex certified and free of harmful chemicals, contains naturally cooling and temperature regulating properties

This bamboo-viscose sheet set has amassed TikTok fame—and more than 3,600 positive reviews—for three reasons: 1.) it’s silky-soft on the skin, 2.) it’s Oeko-Tex certified, which means free of harmful chemicals and 3.) it contains naturally cooling and temperature regulating properties. It’s also worth mentioning that its cooling properties are an anomaly in a sateen sheet, where the brand uses an intentionally loose weave to let heat dissipate (thus, keeping the fabric chill to the touch). “These sheets are so absurdly soft that I feel the need to comment on them every other night,” raves executive editor Candace Davison. “They've held up well over the past year (no pilling!), and they're breathable enough that you don't wake up in a puddle of sweat, even in the middle of summer.” 

softest sheets 2

Best Sheets Under $35

2. Mellani Sheet Set

  • Why We Love It: Microfiber materials feel velvety, stain- and wrinkle-resistant, durable, holds up in the wash and dryer 

With more than 184,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this set of microfiber sheets excels in not only right-out-of-the-package softness, but also little design touches, such as 360-degree elastic on fitted sheets and an extra-deep pocket version that fits mattresses up to 21 inches deep. 

“As soon as I pulled the sheets out, I was surprised by their softness,” Davison says in a PureWow100 review. “Most sheet sets under $50 have a certain...starchiness right out of the package (unless they’re jersey); these were borderline velvety…[this is because it’s] woven out of double-brushed microfiber (which is a fancy way of saying the polyester fibers that have been smoothed on both sides). The threads on Mellanni’s sheets are actually so tightly woven together that stains can’t seep in easily, making them durable, too. And the fabric is pretty wrinkle-resistant—even if you’re guilty of leaving them in the dryer for a while before swapping out your bedding, as I am.” 

softest sheets 3

Best Luxury Sheets

3. Parachute Sateen Sheets

  • Why We Love It: Made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, silky and lightweight compared to other brands, available in five subtle color shades

Want the feel of silk without your bed looking like the backdrop for boudoir photography? Certified Egyptian cotton is the high-quality material to choose, and a sateen weave is the silkiest of the silky. Parachute is known for its beautifully rendered colors like new fawn and blush shades which can be matched to coverlets, duvet covers and shams galore. 

Take it from editor Sydney Meister, who tested this set out for herself: “If you’re lookin’ for luxury, you’ve come to the right place…These sheets have a luminous, silky-smooth touch that makes me feel like I’m staying in a five-star hotel.” She also adds: “Sure, they’re more expensive, but if you’re going to do silk sheets, you might as well go big or go home…the quality, comfort and breathability of Parachute’s Egyptian cotton sateen is worth a few extra bucks when compared to [less luxurious brands].” 

softest sheets 4
  • Why We Love It: Features 480-thread count cotton with a silky sateen weave, tested to be free from harmful chemicals, available in 9 colors and patterns

The buttery soft feel of sateen is the draw with this all-in-one-set. Woven from 100 percent cotton, they are durable and appear to have a subtle sheen that’s dialed-down from the shiny texture of old-fashioned sateen bedding. And the Oeko-Tex certification means it’s been tested to be free of production chemicals—so you’re free to smush your face right into these for a good night’s sleep. 

“This is the best purchase I’ve made in months and I might actually start looking forward to making my bed in the future,” writes former editor Dena Silver in a PureWow100 review. “The duvet comes out of the dryer just lightly tousled and wrinkled, but in a way that looks chic and cozy—not sloppy. (However, if you have the energy to iron an item like that, go ahead and live your truth). The pillowcases feel crisp, even on the sixth day of sleeping on them. And even as the weather starts to warm up, I have yet to wake up feeling overheated from my new Brooklinen sheets.”

softest sheets 5
Riley Home

Best Percale Sheets

5. Riley Percale Sheet Set

  • Why We Love It: Made from long-staple combed cotton percale, has a hotel-quality feel, seven color options to choose from, optional top sheet

Like that crisp hotel linen look, but don’t want the heavy feeling that comes with it? This percale sheet set, made from long staple combed cotton that’s been tested to be free of harmful chemicals, is your answer. “This quality is very hard to come by,” one reviewer writes. “[The sheets] have a substantial feel to them—yet are extremely breathable— and [I’ve found that the set is] more durable and better fitting than others. They stay tight as a drum on my mattress and look great even the following morning… Crisp, breathable substantial.”  Bonus: the side-envelope closure style of the pillowcases and clear directional labeling of the sheets means making the bed will be a breeze.

softest sheets 6
The citizenry
  • Why We Love It: Made from breathable French flax, becomes softer with each wash, available in 14 stonewashed colors and patterns

Want to celebrate a milestone with a gift that will keep on giving? We suggest these elegant, already-soft sheets created from French flax. The natural warmth as well as heat-wicking properties of linen mean it will be your ultra comfortable year-round first choice for bedding—and the set was 89 points out of 100 in a PureWow100 review for those reasons alone. “Most sheets start getting pilly and ragged after nonstop washing, but these sheets do the opposite: Like a great pair of jeans, they get better with wear. Admittedly, when I first unboxed them, I was unsure—the French flax felt almost like burlap. It was stiffer than I’d anticipated (especially since I’d been sleeping on either bamboo or brushed microfiber sheets, which have a silky feel). But, with each wash, they softened, becoming cozier and cozier. (It’s worth noting these are machine washable: Just use the gentle cycle and dry on low heat),” writes Davison.  

Plus, you can choose from a dozen dusky tones and stripes that wrinkle elegantly on your bed and will inspire you to never properly make it again. 

softest sheets 7

Best Bamboo Sheets

7. Puffy Sheets

  • Why We Love It: Crafted with 300-thread-count viscose bamboo, Oeko-Tex certified, breathable, moisture-wicking, good for sensitive skin

These 100 percent pure bamboo viscose sheets are silky-soft right out of the package (which will be delivered free via FedEx). The set features a soft, smooth and naturally breathable material—which also happens to be Oeko-Tex certified, so it’s easy on the skin. One reviewer confirms this, writing: “[These] sheets wick away moisture and breathe better than silk (but are just barely under silk in terms of smoothness). These feel amazing [and] won’t dry your skin out overnight by sucking moisture from it…They’re [also] a good price, especially considering they give you a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.” 

And if for some reason you don’t love them, Puffy offers postage-paid money-back returns after 101 nights of use.

softest sheets 8

Best Eucalyptus Sheets

8. Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets

  • Why We Love It:  Blended with eucalyptus and lyocell that’s great for sensitive skin, thin yet durable, available in 10 colors and patterns

In the ever-changing curve of emerging market trends, eucalyptus is the new bamboo—that is, the eco-fabric you might scoff at now, only to cuddle up happily on in a few months. Eucalyptus fabric takes 10 times less water than cotton to produce and the fine weave of this fabric ensures an equally or more sound sleep than on cotton. Upping the eco-ante are the dyes, which are all-natural and made from plants like pomegranate and gardenia. That brings us to this eucalyptus, lyocell sheet set (which is a natural weave technique that’s so smooth, it leaves no room for allergy-causing microorganisms to creep in). “I have been buying the eucalyptus sheets for years—[and] these are incredibly soft and surprisingly thin (which makes it feel even softer; not hard and paper-like as some sheets do)... [still very] durable,” one reviewer writes. 

Plus, another adds: “They stay soft, and they are really strong too, I'm not worried about them ripping like most of my cotton sheets eventually do.” 

softest sheets 9
Cozy Earth

Best Cooling Sheets

9. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

  • Why We Love It: Ultra-soft 300-thread-count weave, deep pockets can fit mattresses up to 20 inches, sophisticated neutral color options

It makes sense that a company known for its supersoft, premium viscose from bamboo fabric would have a sheet set that’s on Oprah’s favorite things list. Per the celeb, the sheets are “softest EVER,” where they feature an all-natural fabric blend (that also happens to be hypoallergenic) and temperature-regulating technology for an airy, breathable feel. 

“The second I feel them against my skin, I feel a quick little shudder of coolness,” says commerce director Nicole Briese. “In fact, I worried that they might make me too cold at night at first, but that hasn't been the case—they're just right. They [even] fit my extra-deep mattress, too!”

softest sheets 10

Best Jersey Sheets

10. Coyuchi Organic Jersey Sheets

  • Why We Love It:  Organic cotton fabric means chemical-free manufacturing, super-soft right out of the package, cooler than other jersey options, five colorways

Like sheets to feel like a vintage t-shirt that stretches with your body, but doesn’t restrict movement? That’s the appeal of jersey sheets; these come in five attractive and understated colors and have a super-soft “hand” (that’s fabric talk for the feel of a cloth against your skin). While jersey sheets tend to be polarizing—hot sleepers or those tending toward claustrophobia often don’t like the clingy feeling of jersey, for example—these are great jersey versions. 

One reviewer backs this, writing: “[These sheets are] extremely cozy and soft. My husband sleeps warm, [and] I sleep cold and [this set works for both of us]. I don't find them cool like regular cotton sheets, but they're not warm like flannel would be either. I'd even say they're cooler than the other jersey sheets we're used too, yet still warm/comforting in a sense.” 

softest sheets 11

Best Organic Sheets

11. Bampure Organic Bamboo Sheets

  • Why We Love It: 100 percent bamboo feels like luxury cotton at half the price, Oeko-Tex certified and eco-friendly, good for sensitive skin,  fits mattresses up to 16 inches, 12 deep-toned colors

With Oeko-Tex Organic certification, these bamboo sheets feel like high thread-count luxury cotton sheets, but at a fraction of the price and environmental cost. Well thought-out details like double stitching for durability and all-the-way-round elastic on the fitted sheet make for a relaxing sleep. Not to mention how much reviewers love the way this set feels (especially for those with sensitive skin): “I have super sensitive skin along with two cats. It has been quite the struggle to find a set that won’t start to accumulate pet hair and then irritate my skin [further]...[These sheets are] worth every dollar spent—I'm purchasing a second set,” one person writes. 

Another reviewer agrees that they’re worth the price tag: “I just love how comfortable they are and very affordable as compared to silk sheets, or other high-end sheets. They wash and dry easily, hold their shape and are of great quality. I especially love that the fitted sheet has an elastic at each corner to hold it in place, and it fits my 21-inch mattress like a glove!”

softest sheets 12
L.L. Bean

Best Flannel Sheets

12. L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort

  • Why We Love It: Brushed cotton flannel is perfect for colder months, 5-ounce weight warmth, resists shrinking, fading and pilling, comes in matched set

Editor Liv Kappler says these sheets will “forever be my number one for winter.” And while the brushed cotton feel may be too warm for mid-summer, the 5-ounce weight works well for fall and early spring as well as deep winter. "They wash and wear like a dream (no shrinking or piling, through multiple seasons)," another reviewer adds, who ordered multiple sizes of these sheets for every bed in their home. And along with the traditional plaid patterns, L.L. Bean offers these in eight attractive solid hues.

softest sheets 13

Best Oversized Sheets

13. Boll & Branch Signature Sheet Set

  • Why We Love It: Made from durable long-staple cotton, 17-inch pockets on the fitted sheet, includes elastic banding for a more secure fit, deep hem on pillowcases looks luxurious, rich colors

Made of all-organic, long staple cotton, these sheets come in eight hipster chic colors like spruce (a subdued green) and dune (a sandy beige). It’s nice to have such sophisticated tones to choose from when you’re selecting sheets that will fit your split king bed, an increasingly popular size as co-sleepers insist on curating their own sleeping situations. “We have a split king adjustable bed, [and these] sheets fit perfectly while staying in place,” one reviewer says. “I’m a person with bad shoulders so tossing and turning is so much easier with the smoothness off the sheets. Not like other sheets that cling to you and [make it] a struggle to move…They are [also] so comfortable. After the first was,  they’re a little stiff, but once you lay on it by the third day they soften up.” 

softest sheets 14

Best Microfiber Sheets

14.  Nipote Ultra Soft Microfiber Sheets

  • Why We Love It: Made from non-pilling and fade-resistant microfiber, available in more than 30 colors, offers a unique RV short queen size

One of the appeals of microfiber polyester fabric is that it stays colorfast wash after wash. That’s a good thing here, because you’re getting the chance to get exactly the shade of light blue or bright yellow that matches your bedroom, without fading. That, coupled with its ultra-mushy feel has amassed over 4,100 five-star reviews, where one person writes: “The [high quality] thread count speaks for itself! These sheets are unbelievably soft, they breathe, and they’re perfectly cozy. I ordered the deep purple, and the color is absolutely perfect for what I was envisioning—dark, but obviously purple.” Oh, and this brand has the added bonus of making its sheets in sizes that fit RV mattresses, which tend to be a little shorter.

softest sheets 15
  • Why We Love It: Made from 100 percent organic cotton, percale weave is comfy and cooling, 20 color options, all-round elastic for a snug fit

“When I saw these sheets had nearly 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, I had to try it for myself,” says senior director Rachel Bowie in a review. Mainly, this has to do with its organic, 100 percent cotton and its expertly woven percale weave that offers a soft, breathable feel. “While I liked the fact that the sheets came in 20 different colors, I was truly impressed with how cuddly the organic cotton sheets were—before you even threw them in the wash,” Bowie adds. “Plus, at $20 for two crib sheets, they're pretty affordable too.”  


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