Brooklinen Vs. Parachute: See How Both Bedding Brands Stack Up

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So, the time has come where you’re looking to take your tattered, pilly sheets to the next level… congrats! You’re one step closer to successfully adulting. However, we understand that if you’re going to spend on quality linens, you want them to last, and when it comes to price-tag-worthy bed and bath products, there are two brands that consistently get it right: Brooklinen and Parachute. Not sure what the difference is? See below for an overall comparison of each.



  • Both brands are certified by Oeko-Tex and carry sheets that are made from sateen (which is purported to trap less bacteria, giving you clearer skin), percale (a breathable, lightweight cotton) and linen fabrics.
  • Brooklinen: Offers heathered cashmere sheets, which combine Himalayan cashmere fibers with lightweight cotton
  • Parachute: All of their bedding is made with luxurious, 100-percent long-staple Egyptian cotton.


  • Brooklinen: Has a variety of colorways and patterned options
  • Parachute Offers fewer color options but lets you test fabrics beforehand with swatches that cost $3 apiece



  • Brooklinen: Offers free shipping on all U.S orders and has a one-year return policy for most items. They also cover the cost of return postage in the U.S.
  • Parachute: Has free ground shipping in the U.S and accepts returns on most purchases (except for final sale items, furniture, gift cards and fabric swatches) within 60 days—or 100 days for mattresses.

So which brand is better? It all boils down to your price point and style preferences. As a result, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive review of five best-selling items from Brooklinen and Parachute to help you get a sense of what you’re looking for. From sheet sets to bathrobes, here are the key differences between both brands.

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Brooklinen Percale Classic Core Sheet Set

Light, breathable and made of 270-thread-count organic cotton, these sheets are a cozy minimalist's dream. The set comes with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases—all of which are made from long-staple cotton for a stronger, softer and more luxurious feel. Former senior editor Brianna Lapolla gave this set a 94 out of 100 in a PureWow100 review and says, “I love the slightly undone look of linen sheets, but I love the crisp, soft feel of cotton. I was slightly apprehensive about trying something different, but Brooklinen’s sheets are so soft, and not the least bit scratchy (which is what I was picturing). They give my room a bit more of a carefree, California vibe—I feel more relaxed just looking at them.”


  • Pill-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Cooling
  • Soft and Comfortable


  • Prone to shrinking in the wash

Parachute Percale Sheet Set

Also made from 100 percent organic cotton, Parachute’s percale sheets are constructed with Egyptian cotton for a lightweight, crisp and durable finish “that only gets better with time,” according to the manufacturer. Time, indeed, is needed for these sheets to reach maximum coziness, and according to Lapolla, “They had a bit more of a starchy feel when I first got them, but they get a little softer every time I throw them in the wash.” The set includes one fitted sheet and two pillowcases, with the option to add a top sheet (for an additional $80). However, when it comes to getting that carefree, rumpled look, Parachute’s got it down. “When I first pictured my bed covered in linen sheets, I envisioned a pink, marshmallowy cloud of goodness. And that’s exactly what Parachute delivered. The blush hue skews on the neutral side, so they coordinate with a lot more than I’d originally anticipated. I also grabbed a few shams in the terra color to use as an accent, and I’m obsessed,” writes Lapolla, who gave this set a 90 out of 100 in a PureWow review.


  • Color and aesthetics
  • More durable


  • Starchy feel before washing
  • Top sheet not included
  • Expensive
  • Less comfortable

Winner: Brooklinen

Brooklinen’s sheets are as lightweight, cozy and as aesthetically pleasing as they look on Instagram. Unless you enjoy spending an extra $80 for sheets that are, uh, less comfortable—we’d say the core percale set is the obvious choice.


Brooklinen Super-plush Bath Sheets

These Turkish cotton towels are durable, absorbent and unbelievably soft to the touch. The set includes two bath sheets made of Turkish cotton—a less absorbent and faster-drying material than Egyptian cotton. Plus, when Brooklinen labeled these towels ‘plush,’ they weren’t messing around. These luxurious towels are more of an experience, so if you’re looking for something super lightweight or fast-drying to use when you’re on the go, we’d keep a backup set nearby.


  • Larger than standard towels
  • Absorbent
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ultra-Plush


  • Takes a while to try
  • Expensive
  • Thicker than most towels

Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Towel

Made with all of the Turkish-cotton-goodness as Brooklinen’s towels, Parachute’s classic towels are loomed at 700 grams per square meter to give a plush but not overly dense feel. They’re made using aerocotton technology, a unique spinning process that allows air to pass through cotton fibers to create quicker drying and softer fibers than traditionally spun cotton. Plus, these towels have proven to hold up in the wash, and thousands of customers have praised their soft and luxurious texture. One reviewer even compares them to Brooklinen, writing: “Brooklinen’s shed and must be washed numerous times before you use them. They are more plush than the classic Parachute but they never dry. The classic [is] the perfect combination of absorbent, plush and quick-drying.”


  • Extremely absorbent
  • Short drying time
  • Mid-plush
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Less plush

Winner: Parachute

Apparently, you can have too much of a good thing, and it seems as if Brooklinen’s towels took their ultra-plush job a bit too seriously. Parachute’s towels are just as soft, durable and luxurious as Brooklinen’s, but their mid-plush construction and slightly lower price tag proved to be a more practical option. However, if supreme, fluffy plushness is your thing, you can’t go wrong with Brooklinen’s towels.


Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

These best-selling sateen sheets are specifically designed with 480-thread-count cotton to make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cozy cocoon all night long. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases and features a slightly luminous finish for a truly luxurious feel. While the sheets are constructed with long-staple construction for a ‘buttery smooth finish,’ according to the manufacturer, there are several mixed reviews about its breathability. One reviewer writes, “these sheets are nice, don’t get me wrong but sadly, they did not send me over the moon. They are soft, but not as nice as Egyptian cotton. They don’t wrinkle, so that is a huge plus! For me, however, I found that with this type of weave the sheet doesn’t breathe as well and that made a big difference in how comfortable I was.”


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Good for cold sleepers
  • Multiple color and pattern options
  • Holds up in the wash


  • Denser
  • Less breathable
  • Temperature regulating

Parachute Sateen Sheet Set

If you’re lookin’ for luxury, you’ve come to the right place. Made from luxurious Egyptian cotton, these sheets have a luminous, silky-smooth touch that makes us feel like we’re staying in a five-star hotel. “Have you ever been outside on a nice day and realized the temperature was so perfect that you couldn’t even feel the air around you? That’s what lying in these feels like. I didn’t wake up sweaty or kick off my comforter. The only bad thing is I never want to leave them,” says Hannah Smothers, writer at Cosmopolitan.


  • Breathable
  • Temperature regulating
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Less dense


  • Expensive

Winner: Parachute

Sure, they’re more expensive, but if you’re going to do silk sheets, you might as well go big or go home. For this one, you get what you pay for, and we’d say the quality, comfort and breathability of Parachute’s Egyptian cotton sateen is worth a few extra bucks when compared to Brooklinen’s denser, long-staple cotton construction.


Brooklinen Super-plush Robe

Made from 100 percent long-staple Turkish cotton, Brooklinen’s best-selling robe is just as plush and luxurious as its towels. Its design features convenient deep pockets, a piped collar and a waist tie that keeps everything in place while you’re sipping on your morning coffee. However, as with their super-plush towels, this robe is meant to make you feel as if you’re spending the day at a luxurious spa retreat. If you’re someone who easily overheats from holding a blow dryer for too long (us), we’d suggest going with something a bit lighter.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ultra-plush
  • Luxury spa-day feel


  • Heavier
  • Looser fit

Parachute Classic Turkish Robe

Speaking of lightweight, Parachute’s best-selling waffle robe is also made from 100 percent Turkish cotton for maximum softness and breathability. Its design also features deep pockets, a piped collar and a waist tie that contours to your body and the robe’s breathable, woven fabric ensures you’ll be cocooned and comfortable—without breaking a sweat. This one is better for everyday use, and if you’re looking to feel the authentic luxury and relaxation of a world-class spa, we’d recommend going with something more traditional.


  • Contoured fit
  • Lightweight and cooling
  • Breathable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Better for everyday


  • Not as plush
  • Expensive


We want our robes to make us feel like we’re staying at a ridiculously overpriced spa when we’re preparing our kids’ lunches in the morning. While we’re all about convenience and everyday use for our towels, we think Parachute’s waffle robe is just too casual to meet our daily pampering needs.


Brooklinen Down Pillow

Offered in three levels of support, this pillow comes in plush, mid-Plush and firm options that allow you to customize your comfort level. Its best-selling mid-plush pillow is the most versatile, where its dual-core structure features an inner layer of feathers and an outer layer of down clusters for a soft and supportive feel. The brand also accommodates specific sleeping positions, where they recommend the ultra-soft and squishy plush pillow for stomach sleepers and the firm pillow for side sleepers. All of their pillows are made from an ultra-soft, 100-percent cotton sateen shell to help keep you cool throughout the night and provides that sink-into-sleep softness (no matter what your firmness level is).


  • Three density options
  • Custom-tailored to sleeping positions
  • Soft and comfortable
  • More affordable
  • Cooling qualities


  • Not machine washable
  • Down fill is not RDS-certified
  • Less versatile

Parachute Down Pillow

This soft, supportive-yet-airy pillow is filled with 85-percent of RDS-certified goose down, a hypoallergenic material that’s ideal for people with allergies, and is constructed with a sateen cotton shell that encourages airflow to help keep you cool. There are three firmness options available, including its ultra-plush ‘soft’ pillow, which is best for stomach sleepers, the ‘medium’ which has the perfect loft for back sleepers, and the ‘firm,’ which is densest and most supportive for side sleepers. While the pillows are intentionally designed to match your sleeping position, numerous customers have written about the versatility, durability and soft-supportive comfort that’s available in all three options. “When I lay on my side I can scrunch it up between my head and arm and it’s so soft. It’s like a cloud. The rare times I lay on my back the pillow gives but is still firm enough to feel cradled and supported properly. I had gone through a number of pillows previously but hands down these are the best,” one reviewer raves.


  • Three density options
  • Custom-tailored to sleeping positions
  • Offers all-round position support
  • Doesn’t flatten out
  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • RDS-certified


  • Expensive

Winner: Parachute

These pillows have received numerous rave reviews for their Goldilocks’ quality of getting it just right. No matter the density level you select, all of their pillows are designed to accommodate multiple sleeping positions to keep you supported and comfortable all night long. That said, if you’re looking for an authentic plush, mid-plush or firm density pillow, we’d say you’re probably better off going with Brooklinen’s more focused options.


It really comes down to your price range and comfort preferences.

Overall, Brooklinen is ideal for people who want comfortable, high-quality products that aren’t astronomically priced. While Brooklinen stole the show with their ultra-soft percale sheets, their sateen sheets took a backseat as most reviewers preferred Parachute’s more breathable, silky Egyptian cotton. Otherwise, the brand’s super plush towels and bathrobe were ultra, ultra plush, which could be a good thing or a bad thing— depending on your preferences. Similarly, their down pillows are less versatile and more single-focused when accommodating multiple sleep positions. However, if you’re looking for luxury without the price tag, Brooklinen undoubtedly offers comfortable, long-lasting and quality products at a considerably lower price.

When it comes to finding la crème de la crème of bedding and bath products—Parachute is the way to go (mostly). If you’re looking to pay for luxury, we’d say the versatility and quality of Parachute’s sateen sheets and down pillows are well-worth the investment. (However, we would recommend you skip the splurge on their percale sheets and go with Brooklinen’s more affordable set.)

In terms of towels and robes, Parachute’s products are constructed more methodically to create a versatile, mid-plush feel that’s better for everyday use. If your primary concern is finding high-quality products at an affordable price, we highly doubt you’ll notice a significant difference between Brooklinen’s less extravagant construction. Overall, if you’re willing to open your wallet, Parachute’s items will totally give your bedroom and bathroom a luxurious, Ritz-Carlton-esque vibe.

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