You know you’re all about sleep as self-care. From sleeping on cooling sheets to linen bed fashion to organic bedding, you’ve explored all your options. But have you really treated yourself right, with the most luxe bed dressings that you can buy? We’re talking silk sheets, the natural fiber choice that’s got some surprising benefits besides just, well, silkiness.

Why You Need Silk Sheets

It helps to know what, exactly is this magical fiber of kings, or more specifically, of emperors, since its origin story goes back to the 27th century BC in China, when the then-emperor’s wife discovered a worm in a cocoon had fallen in her cup of tea (ewww). She noticed the cocoon unwind in a long thread which she then commissioned to be woven into a robe for the emperor. And just like that, a new precious resource was discovered, inspring global trading and exploration. The reason why this fabric was so coveted then is the same reason why you want to sleep on it now, thousands of years later—it’s among the softest of all fibers, and it has natural temperature-regulating, skin-soothing and anti-allergic properties.

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The Best Silk Sheets Winners at a Glance

  1. Best Overall Silk Sheets: Mulberry Park 100% Pure Queen Silk Sheet Set
  2. Best Value Silk Sheets: ZIMASILK 4 Pcs 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set
  3. Best Silk Sheets Splurge: Gingerlily Silk Solid Collection
  4. Best Satin Sheets: THXSILK 4pcs Silk Bed Sheets Set
  5. Best Silk Sheets on Amazon: LilySilk Silk Sheets Queen Size, 25 Momme Silk Sheet Set
  6. Best Silk Sheets for Size Options: THXSILK 19 Momme Silk Duvet Cover Set 4 Piece
  7. Best Silk Sheets for Color Options: ElleSilk 4-Piece 100% Silk Sheet Set
  8. Best Silk Sheets Sold in Separates: THXSilk Luxury 22 Momme Sheet
  9. Best Vegan Silk Sheets: Puffy Sheets
  10. Best Silk Cotton Sheets: Cuddledown Silk Cotton
  11. Best Luxury Silk Sheets: Anichini Romano Silk Sheet Set
  12. Best Silk Sheets for Hot Sleepers: Lilysilk 19 MM 3 PCS Duvet Cover Set
  13. Best Striped Silk Sheets: Empress Silk Sheets in Silk Satin Stripes
  14. Best Patterned Silk Sheets: Rachel Silk 4PCS Seamless Floral Printed Silk Bedding Set
  15. Best Silk Pillowcase: Slip Silk Pillowcase


1. Mulberry Park 100% Pure Queen Silk Sheet Set

Best Overall

These supple sheets tick all the boxes—they are 100 percent, 6A rated 22 Momme Mulberry silk sheets without a seam to snag or a chemical additive used during manufacture to irritate sensitive skins. The charmeuse finish is shiny without looking for a second like a polyester imitation, and the subtle seven shades including rose quartz, sand and silver will coordinate with any color scheme you’ve already got going on in your boudoir. (These sheets are so pretty, you’ll never want to pull a comforter over top of these.)

$600 at Amazon


2. ZIMASILK 4 Pcs 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set

Best Value Silk Sheets

This sheet set costs half of what some comparable brands run, but they have the quality (19 Momme Mulberry silk) and color (six rich shades including peacock blue, we see you) that you want. They still aren’t exactly a budget purchase, but remember, silk is so strong, this is an investment in years of future great sleep.

$449 at Amazon

best silk sheets splurge

3. Gingerlily Silk Solid Collection

Best Silk Sheets Splurge

At almost $500 per sheet, these London-designed sheets have a distinctive Old World elegance and craftsmanship—as well as just plain gorgeousness. Long-strand Mulberry silk is woven into nude, ivory, charcoal and similarly restrained shades that promise to puddle fetchingly around you as you pose in bed, or lean back on one of the elegantly flanged pillow shams.

Buy It ($465 per sheet)


4. THXSILK 4pcs Silk Bed Sheets Set

Best Satin Sheets

Pure long-strand, 25 Momme Mulberry silk comes in a satin weave. All seven colors are gorgeous, but the mint especially gets our vote for playing classic Hollywood screen siren in the comfort of our own bedroom.

$630 at Amazon


5. LilySilk Silk Sheets Queen Size, 25 Momme Silk Sheet Set

Best Silk Sheets on Amazon

The 25 Momme weight is the smoothest and most lustrous weight of Mulberry silk available, and this set of top flat sheet, bottom fitted sheet and two pillowcases has all the shine and comfort you’d ever want. In five shades including light coffee and black, these get our vote for blending into a wide range of décor from traditional to modernist.

$1,055 on Amazon


6. THXSILK 19 Momme Silk Duvet Cover Set 4 Piece

Best Silk Sheets for Multiple Size Options

When shopping for silk sheets, you might be disappointed to find that many designers create their luxe goods only in Queen and King sizes. So you’ll be thrilled that these sheets come in California King, as well as Twin, Full, Queen and King. And in ten irresistible shades, including the best red we’ve seen this side of a Chanel lipstick.

$520 at Amazon


7. ElleSilk 4-Piece 100% Silk Sheet Set

Best Silk Sheets for Color Options

These 100 percent Mulberry silk, 22 Momme sheets come in 13 satiny colors including slate grey, claret and three different blues (misty blue, navy and a creamy dark blue). A generous 16-inch pocket on the fitted sheet keeps everything in place, and it comes with a top sheet and two pillowcases.

$666 at Amazon


8. THXSilk Luxury 22 Momme Sheet

Best Sheets Sold Individually

With a weight that’s right in the middle of the thickest and lightest silks, and a fabrication of superior Grade 6A Mulberry silk, this sheet is the bullseye perfect choice for starting that slippery slope into the silk sheet lifestyle, one piece at a time. In seven rich colors that skew towards neutral (along with a snazzy ballerina pink tone), you can’t make a wrong move here.

Buy It ($220)


9. Puffy Sheets

Best Vegan Silk Sheets

These all-bamboo viscose sheets aren’t made with any animal products, and users love them for being as lightweight and slippery-smooth as silk. Other bonuses are that bamboo is breathable (so no sweaty nights) as well as being naturally hypoallergenic.

Buy It ($129)


10. Cuddledown Silk Cotton Fitted Sheet

Best Silk Cotton

With a 55 percent silk / 45 percent combed cotton fabric combination, these sheets combine the lightweight softness of silk with the comfort of cotton. And the six colors are equally balanced, with pastel pink and teal shades as soft as these sheets feel.

Buy It ($189)


11. Anichini Romano Silk Sheet Set

Best Luxury Sheets

Italian luxury home goods brand Anichini has introduced a shimmering blue-on-blue pattern that, one imagines, might surpass the ones that even a principessa sleeps on. Made to order in Germany of washable silk sateen, a set contains a top and bottom sheet and is truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Buy It ($3,335)


12. Lilysilk 19MM 3PCS Duvet Cover Set

Best for Hot Sleepers

One hundred percent Grade A, 19 Momme silk is lightweight, and temperature-regulating enough to be comfortable for hot sleepers. This set is a duvet cover and two pillowcases, so you can either pair with a matching fitted sheet or coordinate with a sheet that’s currently in your bedding collection.

Buy It ($369)


13. Empress Silk Sheets in Silk Satin Stripes

Best Striped Silk

These sheets look like old money, with their tone-on-tone shades of celadon, gold or taupe matte and satin stripes adding depth to your bed. Made from 19 Momme silk satin, these are a suitable warmth for all seasons.

$359 at Amazon

Rachel Silk

14. Rachel Silk 4PCS Seamless Floral Printed Silk Bedding Set

Best Patterned Silk Sheets

The delicate gingko leaf pattern on these sheets is playful, while the Grade A Mulberry silk is serious comfort. And with a 16 Momme weight, these sheets guarantee year-round comfort.

Buy It ($500)

Pottery Barn

15.Slip Silk Pillowcase

Best Silk Pillowcase

In 10 sorbet shades including swirled white and pink marble patterns, these pure Mulberry silk pillowcases are sold for those who might not want an entire bed full of silk, but appreciate how the natural silk fiber helps preserve a line-free complexion. (Why not go full Blanche DuBois and pair with a matching eye mask?)

Buy It ($89)


You might associate silk with fragility, since silk blouses and dresses tend to be saved “for special,” and not worn while say, tarring the roof. But silk’s delicate treatment has more to do with its high price, not its delicacy—indeed, its properties include extreme durability. That’s why silk sheets can be used regularly to make up a bed. The heavier the weave of the silk, the more durable it will be—and the warmer. A thinner weight is preferable for summertime use and for hot sleepers.

Look for the momme listing on your silk sheets. The number might range from 19 to 30, and the higher the momme level, the more dense the weave of silk will be. (Think of it as similar to the thread count of sheet sets.) As with thread counts, while a higher number may seem preferable, there are other factors to consider, too, before you buy. You’ll want to check if the fabric is 100 percent silk, if it contains long-fiber silk, if it is finished in shiny charmeuse or a more matte appearance and finally if it’s free of toxic chemicals along the supply chain.

Another thing to look for is the type of silk. Mulberry is considered the gold standard, since made by silk worms fed mulberry leaves, producing long silk fibers that contain a natural protein called sericin, which reduces allergic reactions in skin. While other silks such as wild silk or Habotai silk are also precious, they are less durable due to their shorter fibers. Finally, silk shoppers should know that silk is classified by quality, first by letter (Grade A is the finest, extending to C) and then by number (A6 is the finest).

Not sure you want to invest in a full set of silk sheets? Buy a 100 percent silk pillowcase first. Not only is a silk case recommended by beauty experts for its beneficial effects on hair (its slippery surface prevents breakage), but estheticians swear by the protein-based fiber’s ability to hold in moisture naturally.

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