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While we still don’t know the exact status of trick or treating this year, we do know that Halloween activities for kids—be it candy corn Bingo or socially distanced apple picking—are definitely not cancelled. But how will you up the ante after last year’s spooky celebration? The games and craft ideas below are the perfect place to start.

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halloween activities for kids balloons
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1. ‘Popping Pumpkins’

Order a bag of orange balloons online, then fill each one with a Halloween-themed surprise (think candy or a silly trinket like a spider ring). From there, take construction paper and craft green leaves that you can attach to the spot where you tie the balloon. Then, game on: All your kids have to do is stomp the balloons to collect their prize. (Read the full tutorial over at Delia Creates.)

2. ‘Minute to Win It’ Candy Corn

Each kid will need a stack of candy corn, a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. You’ll need a timer set to 60 seconds. The goal of the game is to see who can transfer the most candy corn to the bowl using only chopsticks.

3. Candy Corn Bingo

Speaking of candy corn, Bingo is a crowd-pleaser—no matter the age. But here’s where it gets Halloween-y: First, you need a Bingo card featuring Halloween-themed objects like this one from Studio DIY. Next, swap traditional chips with candy corn as markers. (Just don’t be surprised if your kids eat all the game pieces.)

4. Halloween Cornhole

Your kids will love the spooky, special edition of this family favorite. To pull it off, simply cover the game boards you already own with faux cobwebs, and use DIY spider bean bags instead of the usual bean bags you toss. (Check out this tutorial offered by Crafts Unleashed.)

5. ‘I Spy’ Halloween Edition

Deck the halls with spooky décor, then send your kids on a scavenger hunt to track down all the on-theme items they see. (You can also walk around the neighborhood scouting as a family.) Up the stakes by downloading a free printable (like this one from Over the Big Moon) of exactly what they should be on the lookout for.

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halloween activities for kids musical chairs
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6. Halloween Musical Chairs

You know the drill: Gather the family to go ‘round and ‘round a group of chairs in costume while playing the spookiest music you can find. But when the music stops, it’s every kid for themselves as they grab a seat. Remove one chair every round.

7. DIY Mummy Bowling Set

For this Halloween activity, all you need is a set of plastic bowling pins (like this one) and a couple of rolls of toilet paper. From there, wrap the pins with TP, add googly eyes and voila: They’ve been mummified. Bonus points? Wrap the bowling balls, too. (A full tutorial is available on Giggles Galore.)

8. Make Your Own Mummies

You’ll need more toilet paper for this game. Split up into teams and pick one person to be the mummy. Then, it’s up to the rest of the group to wrap them in TP until they, well, actually look like a mummy. The group that mummifies the fastest wins!

9. Pumpkin Golf

Calling all expert pumpkin carvers: This game requires you to create a jack o’-lantern with a mouth large enough to putt golf balls into. From there, you’ll need a toy golf set (like this one) and a red felt runway that doubles a putting green. Think of it as mini-golf with a theme. (Full tutorial can be found over at A Girl and a Glue Gun.)

10. ‘Glow in the Dark’ Party

The prerequisite for this Halloween event? As much glow-in-the-dark décor as possible. Think: stars, balloons, glow sticks and more. Turn out the lights and let the Spooktacular evening begin. (Visit a Pumpkin and a Princess for inspo.)

halloween activities for kids doughnuts
SolStock/Getty Images

11. Bobbing for Donuts

This germ-free (and easily socially distance-able) Halloween activity requires two things: string and donuts. From there, all you have to do is hang donuts from tree branches and invite your kids to eat theirs hands-free. (Yep, their hands should be tied behind their back the whole time.)

12. Spider Web Maze

You’ll need painter’s tape and a bunch of those plastic spiders you can typically find come Halloween at the dollar store. Next, use the tape to lay out a spider web. Create a “start” and “finish” line, then instruct kids to walk the web without straying from the lines. The catch? They have to pick up the plastic spiders you’ve scattered about without losing their footing. Muahaha. (More details can be found over at No Time for Flashcards.)

13. Spider Race

About those plastic spiders you got at the dollar store? You’ll love this tutorial from Still Playing School. Grab a couple of straws and set up a start and finish line on the kitchen table. The goal? To blow through the straws and race. The first kid to cross the finish line with their eight-legged bug wins.

14. Candy Wreath

The best way to entice the kiddos to your front door to trick or treat? A wreathe made of candy, of course. Let your kids help you build it by choosing the candy selection you place on the cardboard platform. Hot glue gun required.

15. Squash Ring Toss

You’ll need to hit up the local farmers’ market for the squash, but once you’ve got that, all you need are plastic rings. Bonus points if you decorate the squash with spooky faces before you play.

halloween activities for kids apple picking
Cavan Images/Getty Images

16. Apple Picking

This Halloween activity is a favorite for a reason. Pick what you can eat, then make a plan to treat yourself to warm cider—which is almost always served on-site—when you’re done.

17. Pumpkin Patch Excursion

It’s loads of family fun, plus you can make a night of it by carving them when you get home.

18. Pumpkin Wash

This should take place before you carve, but here’s the idea: After you’ve picked your pumpkin, supply your kids with a soapy bucket of water and sponges. Then, let them do the dirty work to scrub their pumpkins clean. Kids love a good washing station and it saves you a step before you carve.

19. Origami Jack O’Lanterns

This requires some expert folding work, but the finished result is beautiful—and something you’ll want to save for years. (Get the directions over at Pink Stripey Socks.)

20. Halloween Tic Tac Toe

For this to feel Halloween-y, the devil is in the details. In other words, the game pieces are what make it on-theme. You can use Washi Tape to map out the board, but then get creative. For example, have your kids paint rocks to look like ghosts or Frankenstein or candy corn. Then, keep score. (Read all about it on Smashed Peas and Carrots.)

halloween activities for kids books
kokouu/Getty Images

21. Halloween Books

It’s the perfect way to build up excitement ahead of trick or treating. Choose a selection of titles—whether that’s Spooky Pooky by Sandra Boynton or Harry Potter—and read them aloud.

22. Ghost Garland

To start, you’ll need to send the kids outside to gather leaves in your backyard. Next, paint the leaves white, then take a Sharpie and add two eyes. To turn it into a garland, all you’ll need is a hole punch (although you can probably puncture each leaf carefully with a pin) and some string.

23. Laundry Basket a Spider Web

Great for the toddler set, all you need is a shallow laundry basket, some string and some spooky trinkets. (Cue those plastic spiders again.) Next, weave the string in and out to make a web and put all the spiders at the bottom. The challenge? They have to fish out all the spiders while reaching around the string. (Here’s an example of this game from Lovevery.)

24. Life-Size Spider Web

This party game takes a bit of effort, but it works like this: You’ve got a ball of yarn with a prize attached to the end of it. (Candy, perhaps?) Now, use the string to create a room-size web and weave the yarn all around the playroom, following the string to find your prize. But here’s the catch: There’s one strand per kid, so it’s pretty complex to untangle. Game on. (More details available at Party Game Ideas.)

25. Pumpkin Slime

At first sight, it seems gross, but your kids will want to play with it for hours. A Halloween gift! (Recipe available at I Heart Arts & Crafts.)

halloween activities for kids cookies
Jenifoto/Getty Images

26. Monster Cookies

The more inventive the better. (For example, this chocolate chip cookie sandwich that puts marshmallows to spooktacular use.)

27. Ghost Handprints

Trace your child’s hand, then paint it white. After that, you flip it upside down (so the palm is the ghost’s head), then add googly eyes. String them up around the house for décor that doubles as a memento for when those little hands get a lot bigger. (Full tutorial is available at See Vanessa Craft.)

28. DIY Sticker Match

You’ll need a booklet of Halloween stickers to start. Next, trace the outlines of each one—say, the pumpkin or the ghost—onto a piece of paper. Task your kids with matching the stickers to the spot you’ve outlined for them. The more you trace, the longer it holds their interest. (More details at Happily Ever Mom.)

29. DIY Ghost Pinatas

This tutorial from Oh Happy Day is so good you actually won’t want to break it apart.

30. Candy Drop-Off

The goal is to spread a little spirit by delivering a bag of Halloween goodies to your neighbor’s doorstep as a surprise. How do they know it was you? Leave a note that says: “You’ve been spooked!” (Download a free printable over at Tater Tots and Jello.)

halloween activities for kids movies
Jose Luis Pelaez/Getty Images

31. Halloween Movie Marathon

Hocus Pocus! Ghostbusters! The Nightmare Before Christmas! Cook up a bucket of popcorn and watch a classic with your kids.

32. Make-Your-Own Pom Pom Spiders

More décor for your Halloween-themed mantle! All the you need is a package of pom-poms, popsicle sticks and some googly eyes. (The full tutorial can be found at My Home Based Life.)

33. DIY Halloween Masks

Coloring projects can be the best projects. Instead of buying Halloween masks at the store this year, challenge your children to make their own. (The good news is that there are loads of free printables—like these from It’s Always Autumn—online.)

34. Pin the Spider on the Web

This pivot on Pin the Tail on the Donkey is just as fun. Plus, there are free printables (like this one from Ella Claire Inspired) that make it a cinch to pull off.

35. Halloween Obstacle Course

It sounds harder than it is—one idea is to lay out pumpkins in a zig zag configuration in the hallway. At the end of the tunnel, place a few ghost balloons with strings hanging down. The goal? Your kids have to leap to “catch” a ghost after zigging and zagging through the “pumpkin patch.” It’s silly and fun, but it’s also guaranteed to tucker them out. (More details at Laly Mom.)

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