77 Creative Halloween Costumes for Women That Will Help You Win Fright Night

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Halloween will be here before you know it, meaning it’s time to start plotting what cute, silly or spooky costume you’ll be wearing. And whether you decide to hit the streets or stay in your yard (stocked with treats, of course), you want to make sure your costume is ultra-Instagramable. From iconic movie and pop culture characters like Elle Woods, Ariana Grande and Frida Kahlo to food products and puns (sour grapes or a French Kiss, anyone?), here are 77 creative Halloween costumes for women that you’re sure to rock on October 31. 

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halloween costumes for women: french kiss

1. French Kiss 

We recommend watching a YouTube tutorial for this makeup before diving in, but don’t worry…we believe in you.

Shop similar styles: Wool Beret ($9); Chiffon Scarf ($8); Striped Blouse (from $22) 

halloween costumes for women: sour grapes
@nena_in_uae_/ Instagram

2. Sour Grapes  

Just be careful to steer clear of sharp objects. (Also, yes, this costume is absolutely ideal for any wine drinkers among us.)

Shop similar styles: Purple Party Balloons ($10) 

halloween costumes for women: sugar mama

3. Sugar Mama

Moms have got this one in the (sugar) bag. The sugar can also serve as a drink ingredient, if you so choose. 

Shop similar styles: Domino Sugar ($12; $10); Bottle Pop ($13)

halloween costumes for women: selena

4. Selena Quintanilla 

The legendary singer is actually a pretty easy—and stylish—costume you can likely put together with stuff you already have.

Shop similar styles: ASOS Tie Front Shirt ($17); MAC Matte Lipstick ($23)

halloween costumes for women: regina george's mom

5. Regina George’s Mom

You’re not a regular mom, you’re a cool mom. A cool mom who will absolutely not be shamed for carrying around a full Cosmopolitan for the whole day.

Shop similar styles: Juicy Couture Velour Hoodie ($119); Juicy Couture Velour Track Pants ($99) 

halloween costumes for women: lucille ball
@sarahgolightly77/ Instagram

6. Lucille Ball 

Do you lament that you were born in the wrong decade? This retro outfit is for you. Bonus points if you have a Ricky Ricardo.

Shop similar styles: A-Line Cocktail Party Dress (from $17) 

halloween costumes for women: slytherin costume from harry potter

7. A Slytherin 

Not into Snape and Malfoy? Swap the color of the scarf to join another house. Or, skip the pupil thing altogether, throw on all black, a ratty old cap and you’re a spot-on sorting hat.

Shop similar styles: J.Crew Cashmere Crewneck ($118); Harry Potter Scarf ($28, $25) 

@kkolbrich/ Instagram

8. Tina Belcher 

Calling all Bob’s Burgers fans. Not only is this Tina costume pretty easy to put together, it’s also oh so comfortable.

Shop similar styles: Hanes V-Neck T-Shirt (from $8); Urban CoCo Skater Skirt ($13); Joulli Knee-High Socks ($15); Converse Hi-Tops (from $59) 

halloween costumes for women: eleven from stranger things

9. Eleven 

Genius. (Just make sure you don’t forget a little lipstick “bloody nose.”)

Shop similar styles: Beron Wig ($19); Eggo Waffles ($8) 

halloween costumes for women: gumball machine
@liadelsmith/ Instagram

10. Gumball Machine 

For the price of a pack of pom-poms, you can pretend to be your favorite childhood supermarket staple.

Shop similar styles: Hanes T-Shirt ($6); Atik Yoga Pants ($23); Zelssi Pom Poms ($10) 

halloween costumes for women: britney spears

11. Britney Spears

There are so many Britney eras that are worthy of a Halloween costume, but we’re partial to ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.’

Shop similar styles: Quince Cardigan ($100); Pleated Tennis Skirt (from $19); Cropped Chambray Shirt (from $16); Zando Knee Socks ($9) 

halloween costumes for women: bride of frankenstein

12. Bride of Frankenstein 

With the right amount of hairspray, you can definitely pull this off, but a wig is totally OK too.

Shop similar styles: Steve Madden Maxi Dress ($89); Faux Leather Moto Jacket ($98, $49); Monster Bride Costume Wig ($32, $22) 

halloween costumes for women: anna wintour

13. Anna Wintour

Channel Vogue’s icy editor with a crisp bob and giant glasses while judgmentally looking everyone up and down because they’re not wearing off-the-runway Gucci.

Shop similar styles: Tuckernuck Jackie Dress ($268); Oversized Sunglasses ($10, $9); Bob Wig with Bangs ($21, $19) 

halloween costumes for women: frida kahlo
@kathymz94/ Instagram

14. Frida Kahlo  

It’s not like you need an excuse to wear a flower crown and a gorgeous bold lip, but if you have one, take it, baby.

Shop similar styles: Floral Crown ($16); Ross-Simons Coral Bead Collar Necklace ($112); Tuckernuck Alicia Top ($325, $244) 

halloween costumes for women: strawberry dress
@martis.raya/ Instagram

15. A Strawberry 

All you need is a red dress and seeds cut from paper. Too sweet.

Shop similar styles: Strawberry Dress ($23); Superga Classic Sneakers (from $48) 

halloween costumes for women: cruella de vil
@natasha_yacono/ Instagram

16. Cruella De Vil 

Evil? Yes. Chic? Hell yes.

Shop similar styles: Naked Wardrobe Midi Dress (from $48); Faux Fur Coat ($41); Opera Gloves ($8, $7); Cruella De Vil Wig ($30, $19) 

halloween costumes for women: hot dog
@thefun1girl1994/ Instagram

17. Hot Dog  

Get two of your friends to go as ketchup and mustard to complete the all-American meal.

Shop similar styles: Hot Dog Costume ($37) 

halloween costumes for women: jim and pam from the office

18. Jim and Pam on Halloween  

Calling all The Office superfans: This might be our favorite couples costume yet.

Shop similar styles: Free People Turtleneck ($30); Glitter Cat Ears ($9) 

halloween costumes for women: sandy from grease
@audzilllla/ Instagram

19. Sandy  

We’ve got chills and, yes, they’re multiplying. (Note that you could also go as “good” Sandy, but this sassy crop top-leggings look is so much more fun.)

Shop similar styles: Off-the-Shoulder T-Shirt ($20); Spanx Suede Leggings (from $66); Jessica Simpson Pumps ($100, $45) 

halloween costumes for women: elle woods

20. Elle Woods  

In the wise words of Harvard Law grad Elle Woods, “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

Shop similar styles: Satin Pajamas ($23); Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses ($470) 

halloween costumes for women: beyoncé and jay z

21. Beyoncé and Jay Z 

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by paying homage to one of the greatest power couples of all time?

Shop similar styles: Naked Wardrobe Oversize Blazer (from $89); Naked Wardrobe U Suit Me Pants ($86); Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps ($150) 

halloween costumes for women: cactus

22. A Cactus  

You have our full permission to poke anyone who tries to come close to you.

Shop similar styles: Mafulus Oversized Crewneck (from $30); Spanx Suede Leggings (from $66) 

halloween costumes for women: bachelorette

23. The Bachelorette  

Grab a rose, smear a little mascara down your cheeks and have a ball.

Shop similar styles: Speechless Sequin Dress (from $65) 

halloween costumes for women: rosie the riveter

24. Rosie the Riveter  

Girl power before it was trendy.

Shop similar styles: Nordstrom Chambray Button-Up ($59); NYDJ Stretch Trousers ($199, $78); Tough Headwear Bandana ($7) 

halloween costumes for women: adelaide from us

25. Adelaide Wilson from Us 

The chances of you terrifying your friends are good to excellent. (Psst…if you’re going to be around others, maybe make a fake pair of scissors from construction paper.)

Shop similar styles: Dickie’s Coverall (from $45); Motorcycle Gloves ($26) 

halloween costumes for women: morticia addams

26. Morticia Addams  

Great with or without a Gomez, honestly.

Shop similar styles: Slit Maxi Dress ($40); Long Straight Wig ($19) 

halloween costumes for women: mary poppins

27. Mary Poppins  

Optional: Fill a tote bag with random objects and show them off throughout the night.

Shop similar styles: Dôen Frances Top ($158); Abercrombie & Fitch Midi Skirt ($90); Satin Bowtie ($7); Bowler Hat ($19, $17) 

halloween costumes for women: morton salt girl

28. The Morton Salt Girl  

Random? Maybe. Adorable? Duh.

Shop similar styles: Tuckernuck Jamie Dress ($328); Golf Umbrella (from $29) 

halloween costumes for women: edna mode

29. Edna Mode  

Could this Incredibles character be more iconic?

Shop similar styles: DKNY Maxi Dress ($115); Flapper Wig ($29, $20); Round Frame Glasses ($5) 

halloween costumes for women: billie eilish

30. Billie Eilish 

See what a little temporary hair dye and creepy-dark makeup can do?

Shop similar styles: Hanes Fleece Sweatshirt (from $8); Green Hair Spray ($7) 

halloween costumes for women: midge maisel

31. Midge Maisel 

Dare we say you’ll look…marvelous?

Shop similar styles: Vince Camuto Animal Print Midi Dress ($129); Wool Dress Coat ($100); Satin Opera Gloves ($10); Wool Beret (from $17) 

halloween costumes for women: beanie baby

32. Beanie Baby  

Cute, cuddly and potentially a collector’s edition. (This would be another great group option, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Shop similar styles: Shift Dress ($33); Cat Ears Headband ($7) 

halloween costumes for women: alice in wonderland

33. Alice in Wonderland  

When it comes to Halloween, we’re all mad here.

Shop similar styles: A-Line Midi Dress ($50); Retro Maid’s Apron ($16) 

halloween costumes for women: rachel and monica from friends

34. Rachel and Monica from Friends  

Best part? You get to sit on the couch all night.

Shop similar styles: Lace Skater Dress ($43); Wedding Maxi Tulle Skirt (from $27) 

halloween costumes for women: insta-gran

35. Insta-Gran  

Alternate title: When there’s an IG update and we can’t figure out any of the new features.

Shop similar styles: Flared Midi Skirt ($30); Grandma Wig and Accessories ($24) 

halloween costumes for women: gigi hadid's green face paint known as "the mask"

36. “The Mask”  

While we might not have Gigi Hadid’s makeup artist, we have a whole lot of Halloween spirit and fond memories of having our faces painted as kids. Tip: Buy more face paint than you think you’ll need.

Shop similar styles: Fedora Hat ($40, $27); Cinq à Sept Khloe Blazer ($395); Mehron Face Paint ($18, $13) 

halloween costumes for women: wednesday addams

37. Wednesday Addams  

If your wardrobe is made up of mostly black (guilty), this one should be a piece of cake. *Dark jokes and resting bitch face not optional.*

Shop similar styles: Karen Kane A-Line Dress ($99); Opaque Black Pantyhose ($15) 

halloween costumes for women: steve jobs

38. Steve Jobs  

Maybe don’t bring your real computer out. (An iPhone should suffice.)

Shop similar styles: Mock Turtleneck ($26); Hipster Blue Light Glasses ($17) 

halloween costumes for women: the rock

39. *That* Photo of The Rock  

You know the one. The one that basically broke the internet and then was recreated by Kevin Hart and hopefully by you this Halloween.

Shop similar styles: Women’s Turtleneck (from $16); Leather Fanny Pack ($26, $19); Paperclip Chain Choker ($11) 

halloween costumes for women: queen elizabeth

40. Queen Elizabeth  

Pay your respects to the late Queen Elizabeth by dressing up as Her Majesty for Halloween. Honestly, as long as your sensible coat and hat match one another, you should be good. (Although an English accent couldn’t hurt.)

Shop similar styles: Misook Long Knit Jacket ($528); Classic Fedora ($26); Kate Spade Mini Satchel ($298, $209) 

halloween costumes for women: black swan

41. Black Swan  

Intense choreography isn’t necessary, but we’re pretty sure it would be appreciated.

Shop similar styles: Scoop Neck Bodysuit ($21); Tutu Bubble Skirt ($28); Crystal Tiara ($16, $12) 

halloween costumes for women: cheese

42. Cheese  

This one requires a little bit of crafting (but only, like, scissors and yellow paper), but the end result is worth the extra effort.

Shop similar styles: Tunic Dress ($31); Coach Waverly Pump ($195) 

halloween costumes for women: cat burglar

43. Cat Burglar  

Stash whatever you want in your little burglar sack—makeup, candy, you name it.

Shop similar styles: Splendid Stripe Long-Sleeve T-Shirt ($78); Cat Mask ($17; 15) 

halloween costumes for women: jessica rabbit

44. Jessica Rabbit  

Va-va-voom, are we right?

Shop similar styles: Mermaid Sequin Dress (from $50); Satin Gloves ($10); Jessica Rabbit Wig ($24) 

halloween costumes for women: dw from arthur

45. DW from Arthur 

The cutest little mouse and license to be kind of annoying to everyone around you for a day.

Shop similar styles: French Connection Whisper Minidress ($148); Mouse Ear Headband ($16) 

halloween costumes for women: velma dinkley

46. Velma Dinkley  

This Scooby Doo look works as a solo costume or a group.

Shop similar styles: Topshop Rib Sweater ($72); Kate Kasin A-Line Skirt ($34); Cotton Socks ($8) 

halloween costumes for women: coraline

47. Coraline 

In the event of rain, you will absolutely win Halloween with this ensemble.

Shop similar styles: Yellow Rain Jacket ($42); Blue Bob Wig ($10) 

halloween costumes for women: smartie pants

48. Smartie Pants  

Sometimes, DIY costumes are the best costumes.

Shop similar styles: Dickies Suspenders ($13); Bulk Smarties ($25) 

halloween costumes for women: daria

49. Daria  

Just make sure to look kind of disinterested in everything.

Shop similar styles: Military Hoodie Jacket (from $32); ASOS Pleated Mini Skirt ($33); Dr. Martens Leona Boots ($200) 

halloween costumes for women: kim possible

50. Kim Possible  

Call her, beep her, if you wanna reach her. Extra points if you can rope a friend into dressing as Ron Stoppable.

Shop similar styles: Long Sleeve Crop Top ($16); Jogger Camo Pants ($35); Short Opera Gloves ($9); Long Red Wig ($18) 

halloween costumes for women: Madeline Martha McKenzie (as Holly Golightly)

51. Madeline Martha McKenzie (as Holly Golightly) 

A costume within a costume, this Big Little Lies take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s is pretty much the cutest.

Shop similar styles: BABEYOND Eye Mask ($16); Tassel Earrings ($11); Lauren Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirt ($59) 

halloween costumes for women: clockwork

52. Alex DeLarge  

A little eyelash glue goes a long way when you’re imitating one of literature’s (and film’s) creepiest characters.

Shop similar styles: Derby Hat ($24); False Eyelashes ($10) 

halloween costumes for women: regina george

53. Regina George  

You could also wear all pink and pretend it’s Wednesday, but we’re very into the cutout top look (and asking everyone we come into contact with if butter is a carb).

Shop similar styles: Strappy Sports Bra ($14); Hanes Cotton Cami (from $9); Skater Skirt (from $13) 

halloween costumes for women: cliff booth from once upon a time in hollywood

54. Cliff Booth from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 

A less conventional choice than Sharon Tate, but here we are.

Shop similar styles: Damipow Hawaiian Shirt ($24); Short Bob Wig ($20) 

halloween costumes for women: sia

55. Sia  

Maybe not the most practical costume in terms of, well, seeing, but it’s so damn chic.

Shop similar styles: Shirtdress ($39); Everlane ‘80s Blazer ($175); Paige Faye Boots ($498); Sia Wig and Bow ($28) 

halloween costumes for women: sadness from inside out

56. Sadness  

No, we’re still not over the cinematic masterpiece that is Inside Out.

Shop similar styles: Quince Silk Shirt Dress ($80); Blue Wig ($17); Body Paint ($6) 

halloween costumes for women: cher from clueless

57. Cher Horowitz 

Would we dress up as any other iconic 90s character? As if.

Shop similar styles: Clueless Costume ($60) 

halloween costumes for women: disco diva

58. Disco Diva  

Umm, can you say glam?!

Shop similar styles: Jessica Simpson Denim Jacket (from $30); Joe’s Bootcut Jeans ($158); Rhinestone Sunglasses ($15) 

halloween costumes for women: waldo

59. Waldo  

Found: The easiest (and coziest) Halloween costume idea.

Shop similar styles: Boat Neck Striped Shirt (from $20); Slouchy Beanie ($10) 

halloween costumes for women: kate moss

60. Kate Moss  

Carry a fake—we repeat, fake—cigarette, please and thank you.

Shop similar styles: Quince Silk Slip Dress ($80); Fake Cigarettes ($5) 

halloween costumes for women: elsa from frozen

61. Elsa  

Being an ice queen has never been cooler. Renditions of “Let it Go” not required.

Shop similar styles: Adult Princess Dress ($40); Braided Wig ($19) 

halloween costumes for women: carole baskin

62. Carole Baskin  

This one gives you free range to greet everyone by saying “Hey all you cool cats and kittens” every time you enter a room.

Shop similar styles: Floral Shirt (from $17); Flower Crown ($15)

halloween costumes for women: karen smith as a mouse from mean girls
Paramount Pictures Studios

63. Karen Smith  

A mouse, duuhh

Shop similar styles: Karen Smith Mouse Costume ($35) 

halloween costumes for women: ariana grande

64. Ariana Grande  

Channel your inner songstress and go as this high ponytailed queen of pop.

Shop similar styles: High-Low Tulle Minidress (from $50); Over-the-Knee Boots (from $42) 

halloween costumes for women: vivienne ward

65. Vivienne Ward 

Halloween is all about having some light fun, so why not go as this “fly by the seat of your pants” kinda gal?

Shop similar styles: Hollywood Honey Costume (from $28); Suede Thigh-High Boots ($49) 

halloween costumes for women: princess jasmine
@Kris Jenner/Instagram

66. Princess Jasmine 

Get your mini-me into the Halloween spirit with this mommy and me princess Jasmine fit. Make it a family affair and ask your hubby to be Aladdin.

Shop similar styles: Arabian Princess Costume (from $52); Desert Princess Wig ($45; $29) 

halloween costumes for women: charlie chaplin

67. Charlie Chaplin 

The perfect costume for the introverted extroverts out there: When you’re tired of socializing, simply go mum like this legendary silent movie star. Everyone will assume you’re just really into the character.

Shop similar styles: H&M Cotton Shirt ($30); H&M Slacks ($20); Derby Hat ($19, $17) 

halloween costumes for women: elle woods as a bunny in legally blonde

68. Bunny 

Assuming you know it’s a costume party, this is a fun ensemble to don on all Hallows eve. If nothing else, you’ll be the perkiest guest at the party.

Shop similar styles: Classic Corset (from $10); Pink Fishnet Tights (from $13); Stiletto Party Shoes ($47) 

halloween costumes for women: cat woman

69. Cat Woman 

Is it even Halloween if someone doesn’t dress up as cat woman? And don’t forget a killer cat eye and bold red lip to complete the look.

Shop similar styles: Cat Woman Costume ($80) 

halloween costumes for women: moira rose as a pope

70. Moira Rose 

There is so much to choose from when it comes to Moira Rose, but nothing beats this over-the-top pope-inspired wedding ensemble that’ll ensure you’re the center of attention.

Shop similar styles: Pope Hat ($25); Long-Sleeve Maxi Dress ($37) 

halloween costumes for women: snow white

71. Snow White 

And if you have a toddler, they can serve as one of the cute dwarfs.

Shop similar styles: Snow White Costume (from $60); Wavy Bob Wig ($21); Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint ($28) 

halloween costumes for women: jigsaw

72. Jigsaw  

Bonus points if you can get the tiny tricycle for the laughs.

Shop similar styles: Saw Costume Wig ($25); H&M Cotton Shirt (30); H&M Single-Breasted Blazer ($40); Satin Bowtie ($7)  

halloween costumes for women: freddy krueger

73. Freddy Krueger 

You truly can never go wrong with this Halloween classic.

Shop similar styles: Freddy Krueger Sweater ($37); Metal Gloves ($61; $53); Wool Felt Fedora ($28) 

halloween costumes for women: phoni braxton

74. Phoni Braxton 

While others spend the night imitating ghouls and monsters, you can spend All Hallows Eve looking fab while imitating the RnB legend that is Toni Braxton. Make it a double diva costume by pretending to be Beyoncé pretending to be Toni Braxton.

Shop similar styles: H&M Ribbed Tank Top ($8); Levi’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket (from $90); AE Super High-Waisted Jeggings ($50; $38) 

halloween costumes for women: maddy perez

75. Maddy Perez 

While Maddy Perez will have the girls in a literal and figurative chokehold, we suggest you stick to the latter when you channel Euphoria High’s favorite bad girl.

Shop similar styles: Long-Sleeve Cut Out Top (from $11); Jeffrey Campbell Fluxx Sandal (from $59) 

halloween costumes for women barbie
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

76. Barbie  

You can’t go wrong if you dress up as this year’s icon. Whether you choose Barbie-in-a-Box, disco Barbie, or another fuchsia rendition, you will be, without a doubt, ready to party.  

Shop similar styles: Pink Disco Cowgirl Costume (from $40) 

77. Sailor Moon  

Channel childhood nostalgia with the world’s most beloved manga character, Sailor Moon. Enlist your friends as the Sailor Soldiers and it’s a legendary group Halloween costume for the books.  

Shop similar styles: Sailor Moon Costume (from $54) 

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