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You and your boo are basically the two funniest humans alive, so it only makes sense that you go for laughs this Halloween. From witty film and TV references to sidesplitting ’90s throwbacks, here are 16 funny costume ideas that are total #couplegoals.

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Cast Away funny couple s Halloween costume idea

‘Cast Away’ Duo

Feel free to spend the whole night yelling “Wilson!” at one another.

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American Gothic

The only hard part is keeping a straight face all night.

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Ace Ventura and Snowflake

“All righty then.”


Candace and Toni from ‘Portlandia’

Bring on the knit sweaters and condescending remarks.

’90s Britney and Justin


Joyce Byers and the Alphabet Wall from ‘Stranger Things’


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Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm

For premium lovers.

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Sia and Maddie Ziegler

All you need is a nude bodysuit and a face-covering wig. Easy.

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Black Swan and White Swan

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your partner in a tutu.

Steve Jobs and the Spinning Wheel of Death

Because there’s nothing scarier than that wheel.

Waldo and Carmen Sandiego

Awww, they found each other.

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Snapchat Filter

This would work with a lot of filters but how cute is this puppy dog one?

Dos Equis and the Most Interesting Man In the World

Stay thirsty, guys.

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Google Maps

Found: The easiest DIY couples costume idea. 

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"Cha Cha Boochie, Cha Cha Cha Boochie, Roll Call."

Crazy Cat Lady and Her Cat

Your furry friend can get in on the joke, too.

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