62 Fun and Easy Group Halloween Costumes for Your Squad

Like Tetris, Mean Girls and iconic horror movie villains

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Dressing up for Halloween is already a blast, but coordinating with your besties is even more fun. However, don’t settle for average group Halloween costumes. You want something that puts the fright in Fright Night. From trick-or-treating to a night in watching scary movies or a night out at a Halloween party, October 31st never disappoints. If you’re searching for cool group Halloween costumes, we’ve rounded up 62 ideas that are the definition of #squadgoals. That includes Santa-clad Mean Girls, iconic SNL sketch characters, the Sanderson sisters and Rockford Peaches—just for starters. Read on to find an ensemble of costumes that will win you first prize at the contest.

70 Funny Couples Costumes to Try This Halloween

group halloween costumes: banana split on the masked singer
FOX/Getty Images

1. Banana Split

Totally fine to carry around some actual ice cream all night. Don’t forget to have some of your crew dress up as cherries, sprinkles and, lest you forget, hot fudge and a whipped cream can.

Shop similar styles: Banana Costume ($24); Ice Cream Sundress ($20); Cool Whip Costume ($46); Chocolate Syrup Costume ($25)

2. Trophies

Make sure you buy a lot of gold paint for this one. Otherwise, it’s an easy group Halloween costume that’s sure to be a *winner.*

Shop similar styles: Gold Body Paint ($10); Golf Putter ($22); Karate Uniform ($29); Mini Baseball Bat ($20)

3. Crayons

This group Halloween costume wins the award for lowest effort. Grab a single-colored T-shirt and top it off with a matching party hat. Plus, everyone can pick their favorite shade.

Shop similar styles: Party Hats ($7)

4. The Breakfast Club

Hey, not all ’80s fashion was terrible. And after you’re done with the night’s festivities, you can slide into a diner in style.

Shop similar styles: Converse Chuck Taylors (from $55); Denim Biker Coat (from $36); Nike Football Jacket (from $45); Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses ($171)

group halloween costumes ninjas
emyerson/Getty Images

5. Ninjas

Perfect for any size group, and easy to DIY. And if you want a nostalgic (or kid-friendly) twist, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can do no wrong.

Shop similar styles: Ninja Warrior Costume ($27); Ninja Turtles Costume ($32)

6. The Sanderson Sisters

Hocus pocus! Channel your inner witches and dress up as the iconic Sanderson sisters. (Just no murder plans, OK?)

Shop similar styles: Mary Sanderson Costume (from $50); Sarah Sanderson Costume (from $50); Winifred Sanderson Costume (from $50)

7. Iconic SNL Sketch Characters

Live from New York, it’s an epic group Halloween costume.

Shop similar styles: Spartan Cheerleader Costume ($31); Navy Pantsuit ($67); Rocker Mullet ($20); Drumsticks ($7); Flannel Button Down ($27)

8. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Just in case you need another excuse to eat candy all day. Grab your Wonka hat and enlist your friends in this group Halloween costume as the Oompa Loompas, or go as the cast of characters from the beloved novel: Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregard, Veruca Salt and Mike TV.

Shop similar styles: Oompa Loompa Costume ($40); Willy Wonka Costume (from $38)

9. Tetris

These guys fit together perfectly, literally.

Shop similar styles: Cardboard Boxes ($32); Spray Paint Set ($50)

10. Beanie Babies

You never know, this costume could be worth something one day.

Shop similar styles: Red Satin Ribbon ($9); Cardstock ($13); Assorted Zoo Animal Ears Headbands ($20; $18)

11. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Why not dress up as one of your favorite games to play as a kid?

Shop similar styles: Ping Pong Balls ($20); Giant Googly Eyes ($8); Cardboard Boxes ($32); Spray Paint Set ($50)

group halloween costumes power puff girls
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

12. PowerPuff Girls

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles swooping in to save the day. (All grown up, of course.)

Shop similar styles: Bubbles Costume (from $45); Blossom Costume (from $45); Buttercup Costume (from $45)

13. Dodgeball

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

Shop similar styles: Sweatband Set ($12); Average Joes Dodgeball Costume (from $45)

14. Finding Nemo Seagulls

A great excuse to repeat all day: "Mine, mine, mine, mine."

Shop similar styles: Seagull Onesie ($34)

group halloween costumes saved by the bell
NBC/Getty Images

15. Saved by the Bell

Stay away from any school, lest Principal Belding be on to your antics.

Shop Similar Styles: Kelly Kapowski Costume ($40); Varsity Jacket (from $27); Floral Vest ($27); Neon Acrylic Drop Earrings ($8)

16. A League of Their Own Rockford Peaches

This group Halloween costume is sure to be a grand slam.

Shop similar styles: Rockford Peaches Costume (from $45)

17. Pizza

You’re hungry to win that party’s contest.

Shop similar styles: Pizza Costume ($32)

18. The Scooby Doo Gang

“Jeepers!” Don’t forget those Scooby snacks.

Shop similar styles: Scooby Doo Onesie (from $57); Velma Dinkley Costume ($37); Daphne Blake Costume ($37); Shaggy Rogers Costume ($38); Fred Jones Costume ($25)

group halloween costumes barbie
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

19. Barbie

The only question is, what Barbie will you be?

Shop similar styles: Disco Cowgirl Costume (from $40); ‘80s Workout Costume ($34); Barbie Checkered Dress ($25)

group halloween costumes: kelly sawyer and friends as cheerleaders
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

20. Cheerleaders

Give me an H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N. What does that spell?

Shop similar styles: Cheerleader Costume ($27)

group halloween costumes: power rangers
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

21. Power Rangers

“Go, go, Power Rangers!” Hopefully you don’t run into any galactic villains.

Shop similar styles: Power Rangers Morphsuit ($45)

group halloween costumes: teletubbies
picture alliance/Getty Images

22. Teletubbies

If you don’t score some Tubby Custard while you’re out, did you even go trick-or-treating?

Shop similar styles: Po Costume (from $50); Tinky Winky Costume (from $50); Laa-Laa Costume (from $50)

23. Rug Rats

Whoever dresses up as Angelica gets to scream, “YOU KNOW, NOT ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN.”

Shop similar styles: Chuckie Finster Costume ($52); Inflatable Reptar Costume ($88; $66); Angelica Pickles Costume (from $45)

24. Despicable Me

This goes two ways. Each member of your crew can dress up as a character (Gru, Margot, Edith, Agnes, Vector, El Macho, Lucy, Dr. Nefario etc.) or you can go as a mischief of minions. (Yep, a group of minions is called mischief.) Bananas, evil moon-stealing plans and pyramids disguised as the sky not included.

Shop similar styles: Inflatable Minion Costume ($108; $72); Knit Striped Scarf ($16); Giant Stuffed Unicorn ($45); Baggy Overalls ($45)

group halloween costumes winnie the pooh
NBC/Getty Images

25. Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Take a stroll through the Hundred Acre Wood this spooky season and be sure to pack some honey for anyone who is rumbly in their tumbly.

Shop similar styles: Winnie the Pooh and Friends Onesies (from $18)

26. Fanta Girls

If you want a group Halloween costume that screams “early aughts!” then bringing back the Fanta Girls is honestly a genius move.

Shop similar styles: Purple Spokesmodel Costume ($59); Yellow Spokesmodel Costume ($59); Red Spokesmodel Costume ($59)

group halloween costumes greasers
SOPA Images/Getty Images

27. Greasers

Whether you go as a flock of Pink Ladies or a gang of Greasers, you’ll be oozing ‘50s charm.

Shop similar styles: Pink ‘50s Satin Jacket (from $20); T-Birds Jacket ($41)

28. Stranger Things

Buckle up, we’re going to Hawkins on Halloween night. Round up your friends and dress up as Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas and Max. Enlist your least favorite friend to go as Vecna. (We jest, we jest.)

Shop similar looks: Vecna Suit (from $15); Bomber Jacket ($38); Peter Pan Collar Dress ($38); Zip-Up Sweatshirt ($27); Striped Crew Neck T-Shirt ($22)

group halloween costumes ghostbusters
Victor Chavez/Getty Images

29. Ghostbusters

Whip out those proton packs because we have a feeling October 31st will be rife with ghosts, you know?

Shop similar styles: Ghostbuster Jumpsuit and Proton Pack ($49); Slimer Costume (from $60)

30. Golden Girls

Trust us, anything that involves Betty White is going to be hilarious.

Shop similar styles: Granny Costume ($70)

group halloween costumes: mean girls santa costumes
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

31. Mean Girls

Christmas came early, girls, and it’s so fetch.

Shop similar styles: Jingle Bell Talent Show Costume ($50)

group halloween costumes beetlejuice
Jackson Lee/Getty Images

32. The Beetlejuice Crew

You’ll need to recruit friends as Beetlejuice, the Maitlands and, of course, Lydia Deetz in that siren-red wedding dress.

Shop similar styles: Gothic Wedding Dress (from $95); Beetlejuice Costume ($39); Long-Sleeve Checkered Flannel Shirt (from $18)

group halloween costumes: guardians of the galaxy cosplayers at NYC comic con
Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

33. Guardians of the Galaxy

You are Groot. And your friends are Peter Quill, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon and Gamora.

Shop similar styles: Gamora Leather Jacket (from $122); Rocket Racoon Costume (from $64); Groot Mask ($23)

34. The Simpsons

When you look as fabulous as the Simpson family, there’s only one thing you can do on Halloween night: strut.

Shop similar styles: Marge Simpson Wig ($30); Bart Simpson Hoodie (from $23); Yellow Tights ($30); Homer Simpson T-Shirt (from $19)

35. Ghosts

Sure, you could pull some bed sheets over your head and call it a night, or you could amp up the effort for something cacklingly good à la Jennifer Garner.

Shop similar styles: Haunting Beauty Ghost Costume ($30); Ghost Onesie ($30); Ghostly Gal Costume ($40)

36. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians

Now this is what we call girl power.

Shop similar styles: Sailor Moon Costume (from $52); Anime Sailor Dress ($61); Red Sailor Cosplay Costume (from $60)

37. Best in Show Cast

Any costume that throws Jennifer Coolidge into the mix is fine by us.

Shop similar styles: Faux Fur Stole (from $20); Yellow V-Neck Cardigan ($22); Synthetic Curly Ponytail ($20)

38. Harry Potter and Crew

Harry Potter...come as much candy as possible.

Shop similar styles: Wizard Accessories ($22); Wizarding Robe (from $27); Sorting Hat ($55; $45); Wizard Wig and Beard ($17); Dark Wizard Tunic ($21; $19)

group halloween costumes tacos
NBC/Getty Images

39. Tacos and Fixings

Cheese, lettuce, tomato...and anything else you wish to evoke memories of late-night Taco Bell runs.

Shop similar styles: Taco Costume ($25); Queso Dip Outfit ($28); Veggie Costumes ($40)

group halloween costumes mario kart
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

40. Mario Kart

Now all you need is an invitation to Bowser’s castle.

Shop similar styles: Bowser Costume ($59; $50); Mario Cosplay Outfit ($26); Donkey Kong Bodysuit (from $62); Yoshi Costume ($51; $34); Princess Peach Costume ($40); Toad Costume ($37; $32)

group halloween costumes: peter pan and the lost boys
CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

41. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

Don’t forget Wendy, Captain Hook and Tick-Tock the crocodile.

Shop similar styles: Wendy Costume ($29); Pirate Costume ($30); Peter Pan Costume ($24); Racoon Hat ($10); Crocodile Onesie ($31)

group halloween costumes toy story
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

42. Toy Story

Your nostalgic, cool group Halloween costume idea saved the day, and your friends are eternally grateful.

Shop similar looks: Alien Onesie (from $30); Cowgirl Costume ($31); Potato Head Costume ($49); Cowboy Costume ($31; $25)

group halloween costumes lion king
Danny Lawson - PA Images/Getty Images

43. The Lion King

Pumbaa, Timon and Simba assemble. Rope in a few more friends to play the crazy hyenas.

Shop similar styles: Lion Onesie (from $36); Warthog Headband, Ears and Snout ($15); Lion Paws, Ears and Tail ($17)

44. The Princess Bride

As you wish.

Shop similar styles: Westley Costume ($100); Buttercup Dress (from $60); Inigo Montoya Costume (from $60); Prince Storybook Costume (from $33)

group halloween costumes where the wild things are
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

45. Where the Wild Things Are

Hot supper sadly not included, but hopefully all that candy will do.

Shop similar styles: Where the Wild Things Are Max Costume ($22; $20); Wolf Costume ($80)

group halloween costumes us doppelgangers
Gotham/Getty Images

46. Us Doppelgangers

Honestly, what’s scarier than being murdered by your doppelganger on Halloween night? Discovering you are the doppelganger. (P.S. Opt for the the obviously fake scissors in public spaces.)

Shop similar styles: Red Coveralls (from $45); Giant Scissors ($36)

group halloween costumes: harley quinn and the suicide squad
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

47. Harley Quinn

You’ll need the entire squad to break the Joker out of prison.

Shop similar styles: Harley Quinn Costume (from $45); Suicide Squad Dress (from $36)

group halloween costumes: hunger games fans dress up as effie trinket
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

48. The Hunger Games

You could totally go as a bunch of Effie Trinkets (wouldn’t she love that?), or you could round up the ragtag band of Katniss, Peeta and Gayle. Don’t forget Haymitch.

Shop similar styles: Katniss Costume ($35); Feather Shrug ($30; $27); Butterfly Fascinator ($18); Wooden Bow and Arrow Set ($22)

group halloween costumes pirates
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

49. Pirates

Time to start practicing that Jack Sparrow sprint.

Shop similar styles: Jack Sparrow Costume (from $60); Swashbuckler Captain Costume (from $44)

group halloween costumes: horror movie villains - ghotsface, michael myers, jason voorhees
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

50. Horror Movie Villains

What happens when Ghostface, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees get together? Here’s to hoping you live to tell the tale...

Shop similar styles: Ghostface Costume ($15); Michael Myers Mask ($20); Hockey Horror Mask ($15); Prop Machete ($9)

group halloween costumes: muppets kermit the frog
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

51. The Muppets

Take your pick of the raucous Muppets crew but know that you’ve got Lizzo’s rendition of Miss Piggy to live up to. 

Shop similar styles: Fozzie Bear Onesie (from $41); Miss Piggy Costume ($25); Kermit the Frog Costume (from $40)

group halloween costumes the justice league
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

52. The Justice League

Who said Marvel gets to have all the fun? Make your group Halloween costume the Justice League and battle it out on the streets.

Shop similar styles: Superman Cosplay Costume ($79); The Dark Knight Costume ($40); Wonder Woman Costume (from $35)

group halloween costumes top gun
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

53. Top Gun

Daredevil stunts not included.

Shop similar styles: Top Gun Flight Suit ($34)

group halloween costumes boba fett bounty hunters
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

54. Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Boba Fett is on to you.

Shop similar styles: Boba Fett Jumpsuit (from $46)

group halloween costumes: wizard of oz
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

55. The Wizard of Oz

You might not be in Kansas, but this group Halloween costume idea will still be spook-tacular.

Shop similar styles: Blue Gingham Dress (from $30); Tin Man Costume ($50; $45); Scarecrow Costume ($50); Lion Onesie ($60)

group halloween costumes: star wars
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

56. Star Wars

May the force be with you.

Shop similar styles: Princes Leia Robe ($37); Lightsaber ($190; $140); Hooded Jedi Robe ($44); Chewbacca Mask ($34); C-3PO Suit (from $100)

group halloween costumes men in black
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

57. Men in Black

Agent J, Agent K, do you copy?

Shop similar styles: Men’s Suit and Bow Tie ($70)

group halloween costumes: spiderman 1, 2, and 3

58. Peter Parker, Peter Two and Peter Three

Open up the multiverse, if you dare. This group Halloween costume will have everyone’s Spidey senses tingling.

Shop similar styles: Spiderman Bodysuit ($40)

group halloween costumes: dr. evil and mini me
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

59. Dr. Evil and Mini Me’s

With a whole squad of mini-me’s, bagging a $1-million-dollar ransom for the earth will be no biggie.

Shop similar styles: Dr. Evil Suit (from $40)

group halloween costumes wwe
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

60. Wrestlers

Whether you’re channeling The Rock or want to take the sumo route, get ready to pin down your Halloween candy.

Shop similar styles: WWE Macho Man Outfit (from $45); Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits ($37)

group halloween costumes: cobra kai
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

61. Cobra Kai

Are you Team Johnny or Team Daniel?

Shop similar styles: Cobra Kai Costume ($70); Johnny Lawrence Bomber Jacket (from $80)

group halloween costumes avatar the last airbender
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

62. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Round up Sokka, Katara, Toph and Zuko for a ride on Appa across a low October moon.

Shop similar styles: Sokka Cosplay Suit (from $86); Katara Costume (from $40); Aang Costume ($50); Appa Suit ($90); Zuko Costume ($45)

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