27 of the Best Scary Movies to Stream on Hulu Right This Minute

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Ready to spice up your streaming queue with spooky content, but not sure where to start? Allow us to introduce the best scary movies on Hulu right now.

Maybe you want to satisfy your nostalgia by revisiting Julie and her pals in I Know What You Did Last Summer. Or maybe you're craving a thriller that will legit make you jump out of your skin, like Swiped to Death. Regardless, Hulu has it all. And we've combed through their massive collection to select titles that are guaranteed to make you sleep with the lights on. From No Exit to The Host, keep reading for 27 of the best scary movies on Hulu right now.

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1. Shadow In the Cloud (2020)

  • Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale
  • Rating: R

Chloë Grace Moretz gives a stellar performance in this chilling action horror, which centers on a World War II pilot assigned to deliver top-secret documents from New Zealand to Samoa. But things quickly go south when she realizes there's a sinister presence on board.

2. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

  • Cast: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinze Jr.
  • Rating: R

Based on the novel by Lois Duncan, this cult classic follows four teenagers who tragically run over a fisherman while driving and try to cover up the crime by dumping his body. But over a year later, all of them start getting stalked by a mysterious killer.

3. No Exit (2022)

  • Cast: Havana Rose Liu, Dale Dickey, Dennis Haysbert
  • Rating: R

Inspired by Taylor Adams's thriller novel of the same name, the horror film follows Darby, a college student who gets trapped at a mountain rest stop while driving through a blizzard. She meets four strangers there and is horrified to learn that one of them is holding a child hostage. Can she rescue the child and escape?

4. Deep Water (2022)

  • Cast: Ben AffleckAna de ArmasTracy Letts
  • Rating: R

Vic and Melina agree to have an open marriage, where Melinda has multiple affairs and often invites other men to her home. But when her lovers mysteriously start to disappear, Vic becomes the top suspect. Fans of Gone Girl will appreciate this intense psychological thriller.

5. Little Monsters (2019)

  • Cast: Lupita Nyong'o, Alexander England, Josh Gad
  • Rating: R

It’s hard to say no to a scary zombie flick that also incorporates humor—and the fact that Nyong’o stars is a major bonus. The actress plays a lovable kindergarten teacher named Miss Caroline, who transforms into a fearless hero as she fights to protect her students during a zombie outbreak.

6. Amulet (2020)

  • Cast: Alec Secareanu, Carla Juri, Imelda Staunton
  • Rating: R

A homeless former soldier, Tomaz, agrees to stay with a woman named Magda and her mother while helping out with repairs in their decrepit home. But when he finally meets Magda's mother, he realizes that there's something dark lurking in the house.

7. Alone (2020)

  • Cast: Marc Menchaca, Jules Willcox, Anthony Heald
  • Rating: R

Jules Willcox plays a widow named Jessica, who gets drugged and kidnapped by a homicidal stalker after getting into a car accident. Fortunately, she escapes into the wilderness, but can she outrun the mysterious captor?

8. In the Earth (2021)

  • Cast: Joel Fry, Reece Shearsmith, Hayley Squires
  • Rating: R

At the height of a mysterious pandemic, a scientist named Martin and his colleague go deep into the woods to carry out a routine task. But when night falls, the trip takes a shocking turn when the forest comes to life.

9. The Secrets We Keep (2020)

  • Cast: Noomi Rapace, Joel Kinnaman, Chris Messina
  • Rating: R

Set in post-World War II America, this gripping thriller follows a WWII survivor who's rebuilding her life with her family in the suburbs. When she spots her neighbor for the first time, she gets triggered and kidnaps him for the war crimes she thinks he committed against her.

10. The Lodge (2019)

  • Cast: Alicia Silverstone, Riley Keough, Jaeden Lieberher, Lia McHugh
  • Rating: R

This mind-bending thriller follows Grace Marshall and her fiancé's two daughters, who find themselves stranded in a remote lodge where strange events begin to occur—all of which seem to be connected to Grace’s dark past.

11. The Clovehitch Killer (2018)

  • Cast: Findlay James Davies, Dawn Sadler, Rick Amsbury
  • Rating: PG-13

Set in Kentucky, this film sees a teen named Tyler Burnside discover a number of disturbing photos in his father’s possession, causing him to suspect that his dad may be the infamous Clovehitch Killer who murdered multiple women.

12. Swiped to Death (2019)

  • Cast: Kristie Krueger, William Sterling, Joan Urchin
  • Rating: PG

If you thought Tinder Swindler was unsettling, just wait until you see Swiped to Death. The eight-minute short film follows a young woman named Olivia, who tries online dating and swipes right on a handsome stranger. But that one swipe turns her life upside-down when she gets involved with a guy who's not at all what he seems.

13. Funhouse (2019)

  • Cast: Valter Skarsgård, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Khamisa Wilsher
  • Rating:

Fans of Squid Game will appreciate this chilling horror, which follows a group of reality TV show stars who get invited to participate in a game that's hosted by a CGI panda. Little do they know that if they lose, they'll be brutally killed.

14. You're Next (2013)

  • Cast: Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn
  • Rating: R

A wedding anniversary dinner goes horribly wrong when a group of masked attackers suddenly crash the event, threatening the lives of everyone in the home. Definitely not the best anniversary surprise.

15. The Night (2020)

  • Cast: Shahab Hosseini, Niousha Noor, Leah Oganyan
  • Rating: NR

After visiting their friends, Iranian couple Babak and Neda get lost during the drive back home due to a faulty GPS. They decide to stop at a hotel, but it turns into a nightmare when they realize that they're trapped inside, and strange events start to occur.

16. Kindred (2020)

  • Cast: Fiona Shaw, Tamara Lawrance, Jack Lowden 
  • Rating: NR

After her boyfriend dies in a tragic accident, Charlotte, who's pregnant with his child, gets taken in by his family. However, she suspects that they have evil intentions for her child when she starts to have strange hallucinations and lose her sense of reality.

17. The Feast (2021)

  • Cast: Annes Elwy, Nia Roberts, Julian Lewis Jones
  • Rating: NR

A well-to-do family hosts a dinner party at their home in the Welsh mountains, in hopes of landing a lucrative business deal. But when a mysterious young server named Cadi arrives to be their waitress, she prepares what just might be their last supper.

18. You Are Not My Mother (2021)

  • Cast: Jade Jordan, Carolyn Bracken, Hazel Doupe
  • Rating: NR

A young woman named Char grows suspicious when her mother, who briefly went missing, returns with a drastic personality change. After seeing this new version of her mom exhibit bizarre behavior—like poisoning one of her uncles—Char becomes determined to get her real mother back.

20. Fear of Rain (2021)

  • Cast: Katherine Heigl, Madison Iseman, Israel Broussard
  • Rating: PG-13

A teenager named Rain returns home after spending time at a psychiatric ward due to her schizophrenia. She has regular sessions with a psychiatrist and takes several meds, making it more difficult for her to discern what’s real and what’s not. But when she hears the screams of a young girl one day, she suspects that her neighbors kidnapped a child.

21. Private Property (2022)

  • Cast: Ashley Benson, Shiloh Fernandez, Logan Miller
  • Rating: NR

In this remake of the 1960 classic, Benson is Kathryn, a bored housewife and aspiring actress who starts an affair with her handsome new gardener. When she starts to fall for him, however, she discovers that he’s not what he seems and suspects he has questionable motives.

22. Insomnium (2017)

  • Cast: Brad Pennington, Clint Browning, Gena Shaw
  • Rating: NR

After a night of drinking and Ouija board games, George notices something different about his longtime friend and roommate, Phinneas. After observing his strange nocturnal behavior, George starts to believe that his BFF is possessed by a dark spirit. You’ll want to steer clear of Ouija boards after watching this one.

23. The Good Neighbor (2022)

  • Cast: Luke Kleintank, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Bruce Davison
  • Rating: PG-13

When David, a journalist, takes on a new job in Riga, Latvia, he becomes fast friends with his neighbor, Robert. Together, they visit a nightclub, where David connects with a girl named Janine. But during the drive back home, David accidentally hits and kills a bike rider who turns out to be Janine. The pair attempt to cover it up, but it leads to drastic consequences.

24. Delia’s Gone (2022)

  • Cast: Stephan James, Marisa Tomei, Paul Walter Hauser
  • Rating: R

Based on Michael Hamblin's short story, Caged Bird Sing, Delia’s Gone centers on Louis, who has an intellectual disability. After being wrongfully convicted for the murder of his sister, Delia, Louis spends five years in prison and, upon his release, he launches his own investigation to figure out who’s responsible for Delia's mysterious death. 

25. Collide (2022)

  • Cast: Ryan Phillippe, Kat Graham, Jim Gaffigan
  • Rating: R

On one fateful night at a Los Angeles restaurant, the lives of three couples intersect in an unexpected way. As one couple tries to navigate an awkward first date, a young man observes his wife cheating on him with the restaurant's manager. Meanwhile, the busboy and his girlfriend are hiding cocaine to score their next big payday. What could go wrong?

26. The Vigil (2019)

  • Cast: Dave Davis, Fred Melamed, Menashe Lustig
  • Rating: PG-13

Yakov Ronen, a former Jew, reluctantly agrees to keep vigil over a Holocaust survivor who passed away. But while on the job, he confronts an evil entity and quickly discovers that the place is cursed. The film is packed with suspense, tackling religious themes and mysticism.

27. The Host (2006)

  • Cast: Song Kang-ho, Byun Hee-bong, Hae-il Park
  • Rating: R

This South Korean horror centers on Park Gang-du (Song Kang-ho), a snack bar owner who tries to rescue his daughter after a terrifying creature kidnaps her. The inspiration behind this film? According to director Bong Joon-ho (Parasite), it was an article about a deformed fish that was discovered in the Han River.

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