What Is Jennifer Garner’s Net Worth? See How the ‘Last Thing He Told Me’ Star Earned Her Fortune

Jennifer Garner isn't just America’s sweetheart—she is also one of Hollywood's most successful and down-to-earth stars. After gaining recognition from her thriller series, Alias, the 50-year-old star has appeared in multiple successful films—most notably, 13 Going on 30. And now, Garner will portray Hannah in the new Apple TV+ show, The Last Thing He Told Me (which premieres on April 14). 

So, what is Jennifer Garner’s net worth? From her impressive career to endorsements, keep scrolling for details.

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1. What Is Jennifer Garner’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Yes Day actress is worth an estimated $80 million. Her income stems from her thriving acting career and lucrative endorsements.

2. What Was Her Salary on Alias?

Celebrity Net Worth reports that Garner made about $45,000 per episode when Alias began. (That’s around $1 million per season.) And by the end of the series, the star had a peak salary of $150,000 per episode, which totals $3.3 million for one season.

3. How Much Did She Make from Her Other Acting Projects?

She made an impressive $3 million for her 2004 film, 13 Going on 30, and $7 million for the 2007 action thriller, The Kingdom. Per Celebrity Net Worth, the actress accepted a nominal upfront salary for Juno “in exchange for a percentage of the movie's backend gross,” which totaled more than $200 million. 

Other successful films include Daredevil, Valentine’s Day and Pearl Harbor—all of which made over $100 million at the box-office.

4. How Much Did She Make Through Endorsement Deals?

You’ve probably seen her in at least one Neutrogena ad, along with commercials for brands like Capital One and Mercedes. Her paychecks for these endorsement deals haven’t been confirmed, but we’re guessing it’s a hefty sum. Exhibit A: Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she made approximately $10 to $15 million through her partnership with Mercedes alone.

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5. What About Her Company, Once Upon a Farm?

In case you missed it, Garner and John Foraker co-founded an organic baby food company, called Once Upon a Farm, in 2018. And according to Daily Mail, Garner’s nature-based company is making a large profit. The actress said, “The business has grown a lot. As a matter of fact, when we were here last time, we were less than $1 million a year and now by the end of this year we’re [worth] $100 million dollars.”

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6. Does Garner Have Real Estate?

You bet. In 2018, the mom of three and her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, sold their L.A. home to Adam Levine for $32 million. And in 2019, Garner bought a new home in the Brentwood Park area for $8 million.

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