100 Funny Dog Names That Will Make You Roll Over

If there's one thing your dog is going to have—besides adorable looks and commendable manners—it's a clever name, doggone it! Here, 100 funny dog names that will make you roll over.

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Punny Dog Names

Some might say it's the lowest form of humor...but we just say, look at that face.

1. Dolly Pawton

If Jolene wasn't an option for you.

2. Sarah Jessica Barker

Meanwhile, in the downtown dog park...

3. Kim Pawsible

Call me, beep me if you wanna treat me.

4. Beowoof

It was on the syllabus, but you never got around to reading it.

5. Indiana Bones

Must love big, rolling craters.

6. Dogtor Meredith Grey

For the pup who loves the vet.

7. President Bark O-bow-wow-ma

Get this guy community organizing!

8. Notorious D.O.G.

Aka Doggie Smalls.

9. Chewbarka

Because you're the only who speaks this guy's language.

10. John, Paul, George & Ringo (The Beagles)

Just look at those shaggy haircuts.

11. Range Rover

Wear a seatbelt.

12. The Bone Collector (T-Bone for short)

A serious name for a pup you can't help but smile at.

13. Harry Pawter

Accio tennis ball!


Foodie Dog Names

When the biggest thing you have in common with your dog is a love a food, follow your heart.

14. Marshmallow

Because she's so soft and cuddly.

15. Potato

What up, spud?

16. Parmesan

Makes everything a little better.

17. Kale

Health-conscious and popular, just like your Greyhound.

18. Matzo Ball

The perfect name for a Frenchie if we ever did hear one.

19. Gnocchi

Oh wait...this one takes the cake—

20. Tortellini

OK, so naming your Frenchie after any type of pasta is apparently perfection.

21. Ham

Can you imagine an English Bulldog with this name? Slow clap.

22. Schnitzel (first name Wiener)

Calling all dachshunds.

23. Pommes Frites (Pom Pom for short)

Everything sounds fancier in French.

24. Poutine

We have a feeling your dog would actually love this stuff.

25. Peach

Sweet with a hint of tartness (especially when she rips up your shoes the moment you leave the room).

26. Rutabaga

You're not sure what this is but you love calling your pup one.

27. Keto

It's a lifestyle.

28. Trader Joe

Why not bring your favorite grocer to you?

29. Aldi


30. Captain Crunch

You stopped eating the cereal in 11th grade, but three cheers for nostalgia.

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Pop Culture Dog Names

Does life imitate art or art imitate life? Either way, we're stealing from the gifts that keep on giving: TV, movies and books.

31. Seven

Any Seinfeld fans out there?

32. Ina & Jeffrey

If you wind up bringing home two pups, why not make sure they're obsessed with each other?

33. Timothée Chalamet

If you can't date your dog after him?

34. Jon Snow

Because you loved the first seven seasons at least...

35. Gatsby

Whether you're referring to DiCaprio or Fitzgerald.

36. Goop

If you live for anything Gwyneth.

37. Phoebe

She'll be there for you...when the rain starts to fall.

38. Urkel

Glasses and suspenders not included.

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Animal Kingdom Dog Names

It was Einstein who once said, "There's literally nothing funnier than naming your dog a different animal for lots of scientific reasons," right?

39. Panda

Bam-bones, here we come.

40. Foxy

For the dog who'll do anything to sneak some extra treats.

41. Kitty

Changing up expectations for some supreme comedic effect.

42. T-Rex

Best used on a 15-pound or under pup.

43. Dino


44. Piglet

What does the pig say? "Woof."

45. Winnie

As in the Pooh.

46. Chipmunk

Be the Dave to your dog's Alvin.

47. Wolverine

A mystical, fierce creature. Just like your chihuahua mix.

48. Bunny

Hop hop hop.

49. Birdie

For your 70-pound pit bull mix.

50. Chicken

Works for any dog with skinny legs.

51. Goose

"Goose! Come back here!" she yelled at her border collie chasing the geese.

52. Sonic

As in the hedgehog, duh.

53. Bear

Just let your little gal think she could take on a grizzly.

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Just Cute And Funny Dog Names

Sometimes, you just want a name that can stand on its own. (And still make your chuckle.)

54. Rocket

Countdown to dinner time!

55. Sparky

A high-energy name for the basset hound that refuses to move from your La-Z-Boy.

56. Zippy


57. Zap

We love a good onomatopoeia.

58. Dollop

Dollop is just dollop of joy in your life.

59. Dot

Dottie when you're feeling sweet.

60. Yo-Yo

Your favorite toy, repurposed.

61. Gaga

Because you go gaga for him.

62. Zany

The one word to describe her when you come back home from work.

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Famous Dog Names

Because there's not an Oscar category for Best Performance by a Dog yet...

63. Air Bud

Get this canine a basketball!

64. Marley

Pass the tissues.

65. Lassie

Big shoes to fill, but no pressure.

66. Slinky

Another dachshund-appropriate name.

67. Comet

Full House, anyone?

68. Lady

Keep the pasta out of reach.

69. Toto

Just click your heels together three times...

70. Beethoven

As in the problem pup St. Bernard, not the composer.

71. Brandy

Give us a dog as loyal as Brad Pitt's in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, please.

72. Nana

One-part dog, one-part babysitter?

73. Pongo

Watch out for the puppies.

74. Snoopy

The best sidekick of all time?

75. Pluto

Always a Pluto, never a Goofy.

76. Brian Griffin

Because your pup's ridiculously smart.

77. Santa's Little Helper

For the Simpsons fans out there.

78. Scooby

...where are you???

79. Martha

As in Paul McCartney's Old English sheepdog.

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Hero Dog Names

Let's be honest: Your dog came into your life and saved you. That makes them the hero in every story.

80. Batman

Na-na-na-na-na-na Batman!

81. Robin

If Batman needs a sidekick.

82. Catwoman

Yes, she's a dog. But her alter ego is more feline.

83. Spider-Man

Four legs, eight legs—who's counting?

84. Wonder Woman

Does this mean Chris Pine shows up?

85. Black Widow

Don't worry—she doesn't bite.

86. Hulk

Strong, but soft-hearted.

87. Luke & Leah

Why adopt one dog when you can adopt siblings?

88. Groot

He just kinda grows on you.

89. Hobbit

Tiny with hairy feet. Perfect.

90. Storm

Keep this one from making a giant mess of the trash can.

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Villain Dog Names

There's nothing like a little juxtaposition to make you laugh—your sweetest four-legged family member with an evil, power-hungry name? We love it.

91. Joker

Why do we have a feeling this one hates commands?

92. Poison Ivy

Keep this one away from your plants, OK?

93. Harley Quinn

But she looks so sweet!

94. Villanelle

Don't be surprised if Sandra Oh shows up on your doorstep.

95. Mystique

Cause if you think about it, they're both rocking their birthday suits.

96. The Penguin

What's black and white and cute all over?

97. Thanos

The jewelry box is off limits, Thanos!

98. Darth

His bark is bigger than his bite.

99. Scar

Prefers to be the only child.

100. Gollum

But we call him "my precious."