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SoCal Curls
This hair tie is giving us fast curls

True confession: We?re so rushed, we?re happy if we leave the house with our hair brushed, much less styled.

That all changed when we discovered how to set bouncy curls in less than five minutes.  

It?s all thanks to our microwave oven--and a $19 headband from So Cal Curls. (Stay with us....) The company sells an 18-inch length of fabric that you heat up for 30 seconds and tie onto your head, all ?60s-hippie-style. Next you twist your hair around the warm band, starting from front to back, and let it set for a half hour. (It?s based on the same technique we showed you in this video.)

The headbands are filled with organic, heat-retaining beaded material. So while you?re putting on makeup, getting dressed and cooking breakfast, you?re also styling your hair. And the cute geometric and polka-dot prints mean you can even wear one during your morning commute. We won?t judge; we?re wearing one, too. 

We were skeptical until we tried it and--voilà!--our bedhead was transformed into a cascade of waves worthy of Gisele

Move over Steve Jobs--we?ve found our new favorite Cali invention.

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