While “hot new areas” are always popping up, Highland Park has consistently been a top spot to reside. But it’s not for everyone… Here, 12 signs you might be a potential Parkie.

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Briggs Freeman

1. You work downtown and hate the thought of a long commute.
Frisco is only 27.4 miles away, but that might as well be 270.4 miles during rush hour. 

2. You belong to the Junior League of Dallas.
Philanthropy is of the utmost importance in this town, and that’s probably why Dallas has the largest League in the country. Better get your 60 volunteer hours in before year's end or you’ll be sent to probation purgatory.

3. You have a two-car garage but park your car in the driveway.
This is actually a thing. And if it is also your thing, then join your people in the Park Cities. Because it’s just not as fun to own a Bentley if there is no one to gawk at it from the sidewalk, amiright?


4. You actually shop at Royal Blue Grocery… for groceries.
It’s come to your attention that the majority of Royal Blue Grocery’s customers just come for the Stumptown Coffee and Tacodeli delights, but that just means more groceries for you. There’s nothing like stocking up on $50 flower bundles (because they are so pretty) and $20 hunks of cheese. Worth it!

5You are OK with living on top of your neighbors.
Spacious lots are for the burbs, people.


6. You always have room for JD’s Chippery.
These scratch-made muffins and cookies are the end-all and be-all for you and your squad. Plus, who doesn’t believe in supporting local businesses? It’s basically our civic duty to buy these (while they’re hot)!

7. Your taste in real estate skews traditional.
What’s that sound? Oh, just the pitter-patter of your heart when you pass the perfectly manicured lawns on Beverly Drive or the two-story Tudors restored to absolute perfection. And we won’t even get you started on the chic Colonials or the glam Greek Revivals.

8. You go to Highland Park Village for everything.
Clothes, food, coffee, exercise--there really is no reason, in your mind, to venture outside the bubble.


9. You basically live for Christmas lights.
And why wouldn’t you? The Highland Park lights are flipping magical.

10. You know your Pilates studio’s routine so well, you don’t even need class anymore.
But that doesn’t stop you from showing up and showing off.


11. You own at least one crisp, tailored white dress shirt.
And if you’re really on top of your game, it’s monogrammed by Double R.

12. You don’t have to ask how to get to Monkey Bar.
And wish outsiders didn’t even know to ask about it either.

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