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First jobs are often far from glamorous, but everybody has to start somewhere, even celebrities. From Sean Connery’s nude modeling days to Victoria Beckham’s not-so-posh role as a roller-skating sperm, these 10 celebs worked any job necessary to make ends meet long before they were famous.

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Sean Connery Day Job Nude Model
Terry Disney/Getty Images

Sean Connery: The Birth of Venus Connery

Connery was once a little-known model who posed nude for Scottish artist Rab Webster in 1962. Connery steered clear of his pinup past until Webster’s death in 2010, when his relatives came across a sexy nude oil painting of none other than a young, strapping Connery. Bonus: In 1950, aka Connery’s peak babe days, he placed third in the Mr. Universe contest. Drops mic.

Matthew McConaughey Chicken Coop Day Job
George Pimentel/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey: Chicken Coop Pooper Scooper

While living as an exchange student in Australia in 1988, McConaughey worked in the outback cleaning chicken coops and scooping up poop to pay the bills. Eww.

Victoria Beckham Day Job
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham: Sperm on Roller Skates

Prior to her Posh Spice days, Beckham appeared on BBC’s sex-education TV show Body Matters starring as a roller-skating sperm.

Ellen DeGeneres Oyster Shucker Day Job
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres: Oyster Shucker

Before she dominated daytime television, DeGeneres ruled Louisiana’s oyster scene as a professional oyster shucker. “When you live in New Orleans, you’re bound to be an oyster shucker,” the comedienne said in her self-titled biography, Ellen DeGeneres: A Biography.

Megan Fox Banana Costume Day Job
Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Megan Fox: An appeeling employee (sorry, had to)

Megan Fox looks good in anything she wears, including a banana costume. In her past life, Fox worked in a smoothie shop chopping, blending and occasionally dressing as a promotional banana.

Gabourey Sidibe Sex Operator Day Job
David Livingston/Getty Images

Gabourey Sidibe: Becky the Sex Operator

Did you know Becky Williams from Empire used to be Becky…the phone sex operator? Prior to landing her breakout role in Precious, Sidibe worked as a phone sex operator for three years. Practice makes perfect when it comes to the art of role-playing...

Morgan Freeman Dancer Day Job
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Morgan Freeman: Magic Morgan XXXXL

Freeman’s first paid showbiz gig was as a professional dancer at the 1964 World’s Fair. Acting, dancing and narrating—talk about a triple threat!

Geena Davis Mannequin Day Job
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Geena Davis: Literally a Mannequin

In the early 1980s, simultaneous to Kim Cattrall's massively underrated role in the ’80s cult classic movie Mannequin, Davis worked as a literal still model posing alongside (creepy and inanimate) mannequins. True story.

Brad Pitt Chicken Costume Day Job
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Brad Pitt: Big Bird's cousin from the opposite side of the Tracks

Pitt spent two of his younger years earning minimum wage as Big Bird's unfortunate cousin El Pollo Loco’s chicken mascot. Brad, you’ve come a long way, baby.

John Hamm Set Dresser Day Job
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Jon Hamm: Jon Jeremy

Prior to his Emmy Award-winning role as the suave advertising exec Don Draper on Mad Men, Hamm worked a more behind-the-scenes gig as a soft-core-porn film set dresser for C(sk)inemax. Though we can’t imagine there was great job security in a single set, clothing-optional industry...

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