Baby Botox Is Trending...Wait, WHAT?
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As people who started using anti-aging creams in college, we understand that ours is a youth-obsessed society. But even we were shocked when we recently heard someone mention the phrase "Baby Botox."

Umm…excuse us?

Thankfully, despite what it sounds like, Baby Botox is not an anti-wrinkle treatment for babies. It’s way less scary. Diane Gillin, an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and co-owner of Couture Med Spa in Central Florida, says Baby Botox is a term used to describe a light-handed amount of Botox for clients (read: adults) who want to soften and relax the lines on their faces without fully getting rid of them or hindering their movement.

Instead of injecting the standard amount of botulinum toxin (Botox’s official name), licensed practitioners inject a tiny, barely noticeable amount. Also note that these results won’t last as long. Gillin says that while all Botox treatments are FDA-approved for four months (no matter how many units you get), the results of Baby Botox will be shorter-lived, since the muscles are not completely treated. She typically sees clients getting this type of treatment every two to three months instead of every four. 

Still, Baby Botox is ideal for people wanting a subtly refreshed look without the potential for the frozen-face situation you know you've seen a time or 12. Apparently, it’s also popular among actors, whose profession depends on being able to emote.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna do a quick scan of cosmetic derms in our area.


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