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OK, let’s start by defining what “vegan” means when it comes to skin care: For a product to be considered vegan, it can’t have any animal products, byproducts or derivatives. (Some common examples of these include beeswax, honey or lanolin.) So while a product can be natural, organic or even cruelty-free, this doesn’t always mean that it's vegan. Confusing, we know, but we’re here to help. Here are some of our favorite vetted vegan skin-care products.

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RMS Beauty

RMS The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe

You’ve probably heard of this cult brand before—most likely, it was in the context of makeup. (We live for the Living Luminizer highlighter.) But there are quite a few hidden gems within the line, like these face wipes that literally only have one, vegan ingredient: organic coconut oil. Each box has 20 individually wrapped wipes that thoroughly cleanse and nourish skin on the go.

RMS Beauty ($16 for a pack of 20)

CAP Beauty

One Love Organics Easy Does It Balancing Gel Cleanser

Save the coconut wipes for when you’re traveling (or feeling really lazy) and use this foaming wash for when you’re at home. You’ll get that squeaky-clean feeling without any tight, dry feeling afterward thanks to the cold-pressed apple oil and vegetable glycerin in the formula. 

One Love Organics ($29)

Credo Beauty

French Girl Organics Floral Toner

We first saw this chic brand on Etsy, where it already had a loyal following. Since then, it's been picked up by major retailers (like Anthropologie and Goop) because everything in the line works really well. Take this floral toner, for example. It's packed with distilled rose and orange blossom, which, in addition to smelling delicious, leaves our faces feeling fresh and balanced. 

French Girl Organics ($18)


Youth to the People Age Prevention Cream

With three key ingredients (kale, spinach and green tea), this stuff will make you feel healthier just by putting it on your face. The lightweight gel texture is cooling on skin (which is a great pick-me-up on groggy mornings) and it makes your skin feel bouncy and smooth (as we imagine our skin would naturally look if we drank green juice all the time). 

Youth to the People ($48)

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Exfoliating Peel Spray

You know how most exfoliating products are a tad too scratchy? This is unlike anything we’ve ever tried. You spritz it onto your face and let it sink in for a few seconds before rubbing it in small, circular motions. The fruit-based ingredients (like apple, grape and lemon) will literally start to dissolve dead skin cells on contact. This results in a really satisfying experience, as they start to pill up into little balls on your face. Rinse off and admire your baby soft complexion. 

Juice Beauty ($49)

Credo Beauty

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil

We initially picked up this bright blue bottle because…well, just look at it. Turns out the blue hue comes from a rare and ancient oil called Blue Tansy, which calms irritated or blotchy skin while hydrating it, too. Hundreds of fanatic reviews online confirm what we already know from using this recently: This face oil is something special.

Herbivore Botanicals ($72)

Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper Restorative Eye Créme

Natural skin care does not get much more luxurious than Tata Harper. This silky eye cream has arnica to tackle puffiness and other scientific-sounding ingredients like menyanthes trifoliata, which rest assured, isn't a chemical but a type of flowering plant that helps to firm crepey skin. 

Tata Harper ($95)

Opening Image: @FrenchGirlOrganics

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