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Getting a manicure is a treat. But it’s hard to remember that when you’re rushing in during your lunch break or using that entire time to respond to a hundred emails. And though you may think that you’re just being efficient, it can slow down (and seriously irritate) your manicurist. Here, some things to be mindful of so that everyone leaves the salon a bit more relaxed and happier.

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Showing Up Late for Your Appointment
It happens to the best of us. Just make sure to call the salon and give them a (realistic) ETA of when you’ll get there so they can plan their time accordingly. And if you’re chronically late to your regular appointments, don’t expect your manicurist to “squeeze you in” for last-minute emergencies. It’s all about showing respect for each other’s schedules.

Spending an Eternity Picking a Color
Choosing between that pinkish nude and that slightly pinker nude is agonizing. We get it. But instead of gaping at the wall of colors for 15 minutes, grab the two shades you’re deliberating over and think about it while she’s cutting and shaping your nails.

Coming in Sick
For the sake of your manicurist (and fellow salon customers): Stay home if you’re under the weather. Would you want to hold hands with a coughing, sneezing person for a half hour? Didn’t think so.

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Not Specifying That You Need a Removal When You Schedule the Appointment
Anyone who gets gel manicures knows that the removal process takes up a considerable amount of time—which is why most salons budget it into your appointment from the start. Showing up with a full set of gels and no warning is stressful for them…especially if you then ask for the most intricate designs.

Deciding That You Hate the Color...
...Halfway through the manicure. Still undecided on the color when you sit down? Ask your manicurist to swatch them on your nails so you can make a final decision before she gets to painting them. And if it’s a gel manicure, please, for the love of God, make any changes before it cures under the lamp.

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Talking on Your Phone the Entire Time
Ditto for scrolling and shooting off emails throughout your appointment. Not only does it increase the likelihood of you messing up your nails, but it also bothers everyone else in the salon.

Not Letting Your Nails Dry Fully
And then coming back five minutes later because you nicked a nail on the way out. Again, manicures are supposed to be a treat, so try to stop rushing through them. Relax and enjoy the time with your favorite salon ladies (and gents).

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