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Let’s call a spade a spade: Short cuts just feel sassy, dammit. But whether you’re rocking a shoulder-grazing lob or a choppy pixie, there are a few universal truths you need to accept (from maintenance to styling).

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Keep a Quality Stylist on Hand

A good cut is always important, but it’s especially crucial for shorter styles, as there is less hair to hide any mistakes. Make sure you work with someone who is well versed in short hair and understands your texture. Luckily, between Yelp and Instagram, there are plenty of ways you can see what someone is capable of before sitting down in their chair. And if you see someone with a cut you like, ask them where they go.

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Get Trims More Frequently

Speaking of haircuts, while you might have been able to get away with not cutting your hair for six months when it was longer, on shorter strands, that extra centimeter or two can mean the difference between a chic bob like Kerry here—or a matronly mushroom. Plan to get trims (or even a "dusting") every three to five weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

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Be Strategic About Your Color

If you’re considering lightening up your hair for the summer, make sure to do it after your cut so your stylist can customize the color to complement your new style. For example, see how Kristen has darker roots, but a few lighter pieces around her face? The placement gives her lob some depth and keeps it from looking drab.

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Adjust Your Hair Regimen As Needed

Usually the shorter your hair, the faster it will get greasy—which means you might need to wash it more frequently. You might also find that your hair requires much less product (this includes shampoo, conditioner and any extras like mousse or oil) than it used to. Pay attention to how your hair feels and switch up your routine as needed.

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Put Down the Hot Tools

Even though it’s annoying to get trims more often, styling shorter hair on a daily basis is pretty low-key. Liberate yourself from wielding that heavy blow-dryer every morning and learn the art of air-drying. All it takes is some product (say, a wave spray) and—you guessed it—a nice ol’ breeze.

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